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Boycott Eckerd Drugs and CVS Drugs pharmacy chains in order to repeal HR 1/S 1

Pharmacy boycott to repeal HR 1 S 1 The so called Republican Drug law.

Boycott Eckerd Drug Stores and CVS Drug Stores in order to effect the Repeal of the bad Republican prescription drug law and replace it with a prescription drug benefit as part of Medicare Part B with no means test, no extra premium and no extra deductible and cover 80 percent of medications just like doctors visits get covered. Call Eckerd Drug stores and CVS drug stores and demand they ask the Republican Party do as we ask or the drug chains will lose our business. Please tell others of this boycott. Thank you. Eckerd Drugs appears a part of JC Penney Corporation. JC Penney Corporation gives alot of money to the Republican Party.

Pass the word to seniors groups and disabled groups as well as people generally. Let the economic civil disobedience BEGIN!

Disclaimer: We make no evaluation of the quality of these chains products.

Thank you.

Tell the Republican Congress that you don't support the mean spirited radical Republican agenda.

Sign the petition at


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