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This Past Week's Major Demos & Strikes: Hong Kong, Nigeria, Korea, Etc.

Every so often someone will post on IndyMedia information on a major demonstration or strike, somewhere in the world. I wonder if we could do this more systematically -- to see if ALL major demos and strikes could get reported! With the help of a couple of search engines, here's what I came up with for the past week -- are there any additions?
The Past Week's Major Demonstrations (June 28 through July 3, 2003):

Largest Demo:
Tue., July 1 in Hong Kong: 350,000 to 500,000 people, against new anti-subversion laws.

Largest Strikes:
Mon., June 30 through Fri., July 3 in Nigeria: A general strike which probably involved millions (?) of people, against a government-ordered increase in fuel prices of over 50%.
Tue., July 1 and Wed., July 2 in South Korea: On 7/1, a half-day strike by 90,000 metal workers, for a 40 hour work week. (They currently have to work a half-day on Saturday); then on 7/2, 54,000 additional workers also stage a half-day strike.

Other Large Demos:
Sun., June 29 in Wolverhampton, UK: 5000 people, against local airport expansion plans.
Fri., July 3 in Baquba, Iraq: 3000 people, for the release of an arrested Shiite leader.

Not exactly a demo:
Sun., June 29 around the planet: About 4 million people, participating in gay pride celebrations. Some of the largest events were: San Francisco, 750,000; Berlin, 600,000; Paris, 500,000 to 700,000; Chicago, 400,000; New York, 300,000; Atlanta, 300,000; Vienna, 200,000; Rio de Janeiro, 200,000. (In addition, on Sun., June 22, over a million people celebrated in Sao Paulo).


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nice 04.Jul.2003 20:27

solid gold

thanks for the info, it's nice to know what our foriegn compatriots are up to.