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4th of July Flag Washing Ceremony

video documentary of flag washing ritual held in front of federal building in Portland at noon July 4th. Gabriel and Thomas Chavez of Christ the Healer Peace Church held a flag washing ceremony today, July 4th, in front of the Edith Wyatt federal building in downtown Portland. The purpose was to cleanse and purify the symbol of our liberty which has been sullied by years of corruption and war. This seven minute video is a documentation of that event. [ Video ]

I couldn't get the video to come up 04.Jul.2003 17:04


But I was at the ceremony. The ceremony occurred across the street from the Federal building, on the east edge of Strunk plaza. The ceremony began with Thomas, of the Church of Christ the Redeemer reading the constitution aloud to a small gathering of people. Then Nancy rang a crystal bell 13 times, one for each of the first 13 states.
Gabriel led us in singing "The Star Spangled Banner", and "This Land is Your Land". Yohan, who had just recently left the Reedwood Friends, Lead us in a prayer of redemption. Joseph presented the flag of the United States, folded in the standard triangle shape. I could see that the flag was marred by words in black, inky letters: War, arrogance, and violence. After the singing Gabriel cleansed the flag clean of the lettering, and displayed it for all to see. It was overall a quiet and dignified ceremony showing full respect for the flag of the United States, and for its' true purpose and meaning.

faster link! 04.Jul.2003 17:12


no 04.Jul.2003 17:37


The links on that "faster link!" page are all broken.

it works now 04.Jul.2003 18:28


Sorry about that--it should work fine now.

got it 05.Jul.2003 14:57



Flag washing... 06.Jul.2003 08:45

King Amdo (Tibetan) King_Amdo@hotmail.com

...perhaps an alalogy would be l;ike someone washing their penis after raping a child.

...and equally futlie. Mucg better to ritualistically burn the fucking thing!

Blessed be,

King Amdo.
Life the universe and everything!
Life the universe and everything!

Washed well? 07.Jul.2003 17:08


The thing is filth! You must not have scrubbed hard enough; there should not have been anything left!

What, pray tell, is the "true meaning and purpose" of the flag that rode with the U.S. calvary during the Indian wars and subsequent ethnicide, laid waste to much of Mexico, slaughtered the people of the phillipines, smashed it's own citizenry when they dared ask for respect of any kind within it's economic theology, and slandered, imprisoned, deported, and/or murdered those who demanded the economics be changed? What is the purpose of a flag who's shadow flies over the corpse-littered villages of Guatemala, Columbia, Chile, Iran, Iraq, El Salvador, Nicaragua, East Timor, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Haiti, etc.? What is the meaning of a flag that represents the most imprisoned nation on earth?