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Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale

Womyn Forest Defenders Announce Occupation of the Straw Devil Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest
July 2, 2003
Womyn Forest Defenders Announce
Occupation of the Straw Devil Timber Sale
Willamette National Forest - Oregon

To friends and foes, comrades and comrades to be, to all who love the earth and all who exploit it: A message from the Eco-Feminist Front...

Every morning we wake up, the day is ours to create. Today we begin to create through action a world where womyn and all who were socialized as womyn no longer bear the weight of a history of rape on our minds, bodies, earth and livelihood; a history of unheard cries, a history of terror, a history of corsets and clearcuts, manufactured food and breasts, white picket fences and white corporate lies.

Today we announce the beginning of an all-womyn's action, occupation and tree-sit in defense of public land sold off to private industry. All-womyn occupied structures have been built to protect Unit 6 of the Straw Devil timber sale where Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors, Inc.) and Basco Logging in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service will attempt to demolish this endangered ecosystem beginning in mid-July.

The Womyn's Action works in conjunction with other defenders of Straw Devil in the Willamette National Forest. Together, this forest will stand for generations of owls, red tree voles, dragonflies, elk, salamanders, bears and more.

In addition to defending the last 2% of native old growth forest that still stands in Oregon, the Womyn's Action is dedicated to building a community that is intolerant of all forms of oppression. We work to build a space of mutual learning and growth - a space where we can conquer not only the demons of capitalism, patriarchy and indifference that surround us but also the demons of oppression, self-loathing and fear that reside within us.

The Womyn's Action is a safe space where womyn can come and gain skills and perspectives; a safe place to clear our heads after a lifetime of being taught not to trust ourselves.

It is our belief that the oppression of womyn and the destruction of the earth comes from the same unsustainable need to dominate and control. The same ones who wish to take away our autonomy wish to take away the last of the wild beauty on earth.

We cannot stop the humyns' race toward extinction without taking back our freedom of choice. We cannot as womyn achieve liberation while the earth is still in chains. We need oxygen to survive, we need clean water to survive, we need the forest to survive. We need to be able to walk around alone at night, we need our homes to be free of violence; we need a life where rape, molestation, and assault are not the norm. None of these things will exist without the others. Womyns' struggle and the earths' struggle are the same.

Today should be the last day lived in fear, breathing carcinogenic air and wondering when the next time we will be fondled on a public bus or we'll be held down against our will by someone we love. With your help and support it can be!

We invite womyn of all situations and backgrounds to come to Straw Devil for an hour, a day, a month, a lifetime - and take back what they never had a right to sell. We will take our last breath in defense of our bodies, the earth, and each other.

In love, solidarity and strength,

The Womyns Action

For more information on this action and background on forest defense please contact:

Cascadia Forest Defenders
PO Box 11122; Eugene, OR 97440

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122; Eugene, OR 97440

photo 02.Jul.2003 12:35


sorry for the poor quality of this photo - we'll have better ones to post later today hopefully.
Straw Devil - Womyn Working in the Trees
Straw Devil - Womyn Working in the Trees

article 02.Jul.2003 12:42


for a recent article about womyn confronting patriarchy in the forest defense movement see the May/June issue of "off our backs"

can someone post the article? 02.Jul.2003 13:22

cheap bastard

hi. i want to read this but i'm cheap-well, really its that i dont like to work and stuff like that.
i followed the link to a graphic of the cover of off our backs but no article. can some kind soul just post it?

womyn only? 02.Jul.2003 16:06


I've noticed the trend of "womyn and transgender only" spaces. I don't have a problem with this, but what is to stop a patriarchal man from claiming his gender identity is that of a womyn in order to go to one of these spaces?

If men want to help save the Straw Devil timber sale, what would you recommend they do?

response to a about womyn only 03.Jul.2003 08:13


to repond to your question about men wanting to defend straw devil....
the womyns affinity group is only working in one unit of the sale. there are 2 other tree-sits in other units that are open to all genders.

womyns action camp 03.Jul.2003 21:02


I am so glad everyone had a place to make this happen. To anyone that has a problem with all womyn spaces... THe last time I felt safe walking alone at night was at the womyns action camp... so untill we create a socity were rape and abuse are no longer an issue.. get off my back

luv and dumpster ooze

! 05.Nov.2003 17:44


long stand the mighty willamette

Long live the forest and power to the womyn 21.Jun.2004 13:52

Blackbird lovepeacenow@hotmail.com

When i see negative comments about the positive things womyn are doing ,it only answers the call deeper for there to be a space for womyn to go, to listen to their own voice,to reclaim what society has stripped away,not gender nor class,but society.When i first read the philosophies of the womyns action gruop, i clutched my heart, i was so moved.They are truly at a space in thier soul,none could possibly undertsand unless one trluy expreinced them,the beauty of their energy,their freedom,I am proud of each and every one of them,so proud!,like the old growth,these are powerful beings that withstand ,the mother earth has so much to teach,and in her arms they are the students of wisest caliber, to those who say they have taken it too far,where do you draw the line of too far,and what is that line for you? is patriarchy and oppression a acceptable standard for you?and empowerment is seen as a bad thing, especially if you are a womyn.May the forest endure thruogh all the injustice it has been so cold heartedly dealt,and may the spirit of womyn and all who seek out another path always rise and live on!