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Admitted Child Molester Rips Off Native Americans

Malachi York pleaded guilty to child abuse
and was sentenced to 15 years by a state court
in Georgia. His plea bargain was rejected by
a federal judge. Threatened with more jail time,
York now claims he can't be prosecuted because
he is the Chief on the Yamasee Indian tribe!
District Attorney Describes What Malachi York Did
District Attorney Describes What Malachi York Did
Malachi York Admits Child Molestation
Malachi York Admits Child Molestation
Malachi York pleaded guilty to child abuse
and was sentenced to 15 years by a state court
in Georgia. His plea bargain was rejected by
a federal judge. Threatened with more jail time,
York now claims he can't be prosecuted because
he is the Chief on the Yamasee Indian tribe!

Don't let this "Fake Indian" defame the Native
American Nations and get away with child
molestation by hiding behind the Native American

Check out the two videos to see Malachi York
admit his guilt in court. Watch the Assistant
District Attorney describe his vile acts.

If you are a member of a Native American tribe,
call or email the following people and tell
them that Malachi York is a Fake Indian.
Don't let a child molester hijack Native American

Macon County Sheriff: 334-727-2500; 334-724-2544

Macon District Attorney: 334-724-2604; 334-864-4317

Georgia Governor's Office: 404-656-1776

Georgia Attorney General: 404-656-3300

The Macon Telegraph: 478-744-4636; letters@macontel.com

Athens Banner-Herald: 706-208-2242;  jwinders@onlineathens.com

Some questions 01.Jul.2003 17:45

tsalagi red

I don't mean to disparage the poster of this article, but why should I trust an anonymous poster who is making totally unvarified claims? How am I supposed to know if this Malachi York is a "fake" Indian. As a native american myself, and a member of a federally-recognized tribe (not that that really means shit) I could also be accused of being "fake" because I am less than such-and-such blood, or because I wasn't raised on a reservation, or because I don't meet some other artificial requirement for being "Indian". Most of the people making these claims should also be questioned.

I am not saying this guy, Malachi York should get away with horrible acts toward children. But on the other hand, some unknown person is asking you to act on something that is unvarified. Who the hell is "TruthTeller" and why should I believe you???? Please give me more information.

I'm with tsalagi 01.Jul.2003 18:52

Mother of Sam

I agree with tsalagi red - more informaiton would be necessary before I could take action. A quick call to the tribe could verify enrollment, usually.

Looking for Frank 01.Jul.2003 18:57

Mother of Sam melissamona@hotmail.com

tsalagi red: if maybe you know where to find frank r...?

His name is Dwight York 01.Jul.2003 20:59


Malachi York's actual name is Dwight York. I read about it in October in this magazine published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, called Intelligence Report, and the magazine is based on tracking hate crimes throughout the United States (last issue: Sons of Confederate Veterans dismiss board of trustees, install racist goobers instead). The point is that this magazine is a good source. You can check it out at:  http://www.splcenter.org/splc.html (fall 2002 issue of the intelligence report - "saviour in a strange land"

It turns out that Dwight York is the king of all black extremist con-artists (just like David Duke is the king of white extremists). He's classified himself as everything from an extraterrestrial, a rabbi, a Nuwabian (?), and an American Indian to raise cash for his personal needs. He's got the David Koresh bug and can't keep his mitts off the kinder. He appeals to people's basic emotions and encites them to do things because he's damn charismatic. He's built a few pyramids and has been on the run for the past 10 years. He's generally a bad guy and NOT an Indian, I promise. He's a con-man.

Sorry if this offended anyone, but I've got good sources.


York is a five star looney 08.Jul.2003 08:28

Greg in Athens

ImmyJ is right on the $$$. I have lived 'round these folks for over 10 yrs., since their move to Ga., in fact. This guy , Malachi York, the founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors and also the author of hundreds of maniacal scrolls. Malachi was born Dwight York, June 26, 1945 in Sullivan County, New York. York began his career as an r&b singer and put out such records as "For Lovers Only" and "You Can't Hide From Dr. York." York served time in the sixties for assault, resisting arrest, and possession of a dangerous weapon. He has gone by several names like Amunnubi Rooakhptah, Dr. Michael Z. York, Melchizedek, Murdoq, Rabboni: Y'shua, Al Qubt, Al Khidr, Sabathil, Amarutu,and YaanuwnMalachi. York now refers to himself as Chief Black Eagle, the reincarnated leader of the Yamassee Indians...while it is true many black people have not inconsiderable NDN ancestry, this guy is a total con man/pervert.
As far as the "sacred scrolls" and other nuabian "literature", what is not total bullshit is a jumble of quasi-scientific jargon, big words and photos from TV and movies. (Is it not weird that the creatures that live in Andromada look EXACTLY like the predator alien in the film "Predator"...how very convenient.) This guy should be locked up for copyright infringement alone!
I have had a copy of "The Man From Risq" for years and it is one of the most unbelievable pastiches of religio-spiritual mumbo-jumbo ever committed to print. He has boosted, whole hog, pages from Spy Magazine's "separated at birth" feature to support his contention that all celebrities are clones of one another( BTW, did you know that Mic Jagger is the clone of Don Knotts and if Mr. Knotts liver, say, were ever to fail, the body of Mr. Jagger would be mined to provide a replacement...it is true, just look at the book)
If the Gov't is right and this guy is some sorta pedophile pimp he SHOULD be lynched by his own followers. If however the State O' Georgia is wrong or is fabricating these charges they will make this douchebag some sort of martyr...and that we DO NOT NEED!

I went to the 'saviors day' held at the compound in Eatonton last year, it is sad to see so many black folks taken in by this loser and his transparent BS. It is a measure of the desperation of Black America that this joker is taken as a leader.

Putnam County blacks and whites must tell child molesters get lost 26.Jul.2003 12:15


I love the rolling pastures of Putnam. One of my fishing holes is there. But Dwight York and his child molesters and black racist followers (they are typically blacks dressed in black garb with Egyptian crucifix and bad NY accent) need to be told by the citizens of Putnam County, black and white, to get out if they do not uphold community standards of civilized behavior. I haven't really seen this happen as it should.

I would like to paint Hank Williams' picture on the pyramids at the 476 acre village they slither on.

BTW the county of jurisdiction is Putnam, not Macon, County.

Why should we trust you? 05.Aug.2003 17:37

Black Raven Anhkbakhafre

Why Should We trust You Your the Same people who also took my ancestors land. Theirs a old saying that history reapetes itself. I learn from my Past and we aren't Cherokees aren't as nieve as you would like.

TRUTH TELLERS DEAL WITH THSES FACTS!!!!!!!!!! 08.Aug.2003 13:01


Since 1993A.D., over ten years, the Yamassee Native American Tribe has been undergoing ridicule and discrimination amongst the confederate settlers in Putnam County, GA. After careful selection and diliberation Maku: Chief Black Eagle Dr. Malachi Z. York-El traced the family lineage of the tribe to a location in Georgia only 15 miles away to a native american land mark called Rock Eagle Mound, which was built by the Washitaw/Yamassee tribes of Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The Yamassee/Washitaw Native Americans being the oldest indigenous people on earth, according to the United Nations (file #215/1993) have reclaimed 476 acres of their native land and erected landmarks such as those of their ancestors, dating back to the oldest known civilization, Egypt. For over 10 years racism has lead them into many civil cases dealing with building violations and zoning violations which has caused them not to be able to develop their own land. To rid these Native American people from their land the Sheriff and other county officials have been deliberately creating legal cases against the tribe and other tribal members.

The Yamassee/Washitaw Native Americans have tribal members all over the world, that come by the thousands to visit their sacred and Holy Land, which is called, Wahannee, The Golden City. On May 8, 2002 A.D. the Sheriff Howard Richard Sills and FBI agents raided our sacred and Holy Land, Wahannee, becuase they were given false information regarding child abuse. They arrested our Maku: Chief Black Eagle Malachi Z. York-El, who has written over 460 books on various topics to awaken the negroid race to their true way of life and hidden ancestry as the aboriginals of this planet earth. With all respect for all religions and races of people across the globe. His favorite phrase is "No one wins the race in racism". Yet the Sheriff Howard Richard Sills has sought out to character assasinate our Maku. Maku: Chief Black Eagle has been held in the worst prison conditions because of who he is, during pre-trial detention. According to the law of presumption of innocence, he is innocent until proven guilty. Yet in this poor country town, they marked him as guilty until proven innocent. All the charges brought against him are on hearsay and no factual proof to back the claim. Yet a illegal grand jury of all the Sheriff's friends indicted him not once but three times because each time they had to cover their illegal wrong doings. The Judge is also close friends with the Sheriff and the District Attorneys. They have a plan to again try to wipe out the Yamassee Tribe as in the war of 1715. The odds that Maku: Chief Black Eagle receive a fair trial is very slim.

Because of pre-trial publicity the judge was asked to change the venue, which he did, 20 minutes away to Covington, GA, the town of Sheriff Sills best friend. With the odds weighed against him Maku: Chief Black Eagle Malachi Z. York-El under threat, duress, and cohercion was forced to take a plea bargain, having been told directly that he would not get a fair trial and that he would spend the rest of his life in jail. Now they have turned the tables again and after making him accept the plea of guilty to save his life, the federal prosecution has decided to take him to trial and not accept the plea after 6 months. The media has printed on every front page that this innocent Native American Chief was guilty of terrible acts, in which he never did. This was all their plan in the beginning to force him into a confession and then try him infront of a racist Judge. Maku: Chief Black Eagle is innocent of all charges and now they are trying to deny him his right to a fair trial. He is a Native American of the Yamassee/Washitaw tribe and he has declared his sovereignty in open court only to be ignored and ridiculed by the public media. Maku: Chief Black Eagle has thousands of tribal members that acknowledge him as their chief. This case is not about child abuse it is about driving the Yamassee Native Americans off of their land. Because they know that all the lands from Savannah up through the Oculmogee district belongs to Yamassee Native Americans.

right knowledge 21.Aug.2003 09:58

beneficial forceful speaker of truth wis914@aol.com

i am in total disregard for the claims that the n m e's of malaki have made. usually n m e's make statements and claims with no research to back them up. they read a little article here and there but nothing extensive enough to retrieve the right logic. and with that..i would simply like to say that all of the free thinkers should look it up for themselves and stop listening to uneducated thinkers.

very intersting 22.Aug.2003 07:42

little red indian

A white Man stole my Land and Freedom - Any of you Crackers had this happen...

"This country was founded by white people, for white people!"

Take the way we acquired the land that became this country. First we massacred the Indigenous Peoples (the "Indians") and stole their land. Before our European invasion, there were between 9 and 18 million Indigenous People in North America. But by 1900 there were only 250,000 in the United States, and about 123,000 in Canada--less than 375,000!

From 1835 on, we targeted Mexico, our neighbor to the south, seizing, through contrived wars, half of their country, which became Texas, our Southwest and West Coast.

P.S who the hell is truth teller???

He didn't do it 19.Sep.2003 13:59

you can't stop Malachi raatib1845@yahoo.com

malachi is not guilty we all know the real deal the black man and women was in america first we are the native ameriacan we had the land the culture we allowed the white in we trusted them because we was here in peace malachi is not crazy you know the history.they want the land the money just like did when the white came here 100's of year ago.He was made to take the plea just like they make little children lie on their parents and say they mother or father touch them.this is another way to stop a black organizion like those before us they fear blacks ,asian ,latins, come together we are one family. all native americans will unite

do you really want to know the truth? i live on the property since summer 1993 07.Nov.2003 12:02

gerald "imhotep" geraldbama@msn.com

first and foremost, Dr.York has claimed his native american heritage since 1991 when he found out he was blood related to ben york of the lewis and clarke expedition.check the story out and the history and you will found out this is fact. we had native american pow-wow upstate liberty,n.y in 1992 so this is nothing new. we have also recognized as yamassee native american moors of the creek nation since 1993 when we moved to eatonton,ga. also there are hundreds of websites,books and movies dedicated to the subject of "black indians" . many people of african descent have native american blood whether they recognize it or not. this is fact. and knowing that dr.york has accepted this and his native american name "chief black eagle" for years, it is foolish and ignorant to claim that now that he is incarcerated he is using it to get out. secondly any who has followed our progess or lack of it due to the constant struggles with racist in putnam county knows if they are honest that we have for years did our best to follow zoning laws and the law period. now if the sheriff really was interested in this so called "child molestation ring" and he himself admits that he first started the investingation over 5 yrs. ago why did it take so long to arrest dr.york. everyone knows that all you need is one clue,one witness, little speck of evidence to arrest someone for child abuse. did he allow all these so-called victims to be abused all these yrs. so he could build this massive case? why didnt he contact dfcs immediately after he got info on abuse? this is standard procedure is it not. why wait until 3 days after the raid to call dfcs if childred were alledgely getting molestated hundreds of times ,as he put it? dr. york moved to ga in1993, why would the f.b.i. wait almost 10 yrs. to charge and arrest him? what about the so-called victims who were taken into custody by sheriff richard sills then handed over to dfcs for approx. 5 months , who to this day still claim to NEVER have been molestated yet and still the feds still have them on their so-called witness list. why the need for over 400 armed state and fed. agents to raid a land which first of all didnt belong to dr.york( for those who didnt know dr.york sold the land to church members over 4 yrs ago and was living in athens ga at the time of the raid) brandishig assault rifles,shot guns etc. on mainly woman and children. my wife was excorted out her house along with others with a agent holding a ak47 to her head. she was carrying my then 6 month old son. never had a record or commited a crime but why? why was EVERYONE who was there at the time of the raid wholived on the land finger printed and held at gun pt. for over 12 hrs. for a search warrant that didnt actually envolve them? Helicopters with armed men hanging out for a simple search warrant? lets be real, you cannot and i repeat cannot bring any evidence of any kind of militia on our property. you cant site one incedence of violence with all the events and people who have visited. but yet and still they bring all that up here. it was ridiculous. remember waco. the same thing so-called child molestation. if youre really interested in the truth find out the natures of these so-called victims. one of them is my ex-wife and i know and she knows shes lying thats why she never mentioned me to the feds and sheriff because it would expose her lies. now if you dont believe or subscribe to our doctrine thats fine. if you think were crazy because some of the things we teach then thankyou because they thought noah,moses, and jesus to name a few were crazy so we're in good company but at least take time to find out what is really going on because the reality is if Dr.York were really guilty of all these so-called crimes and they had all this so-called evidence and witnesses, we all know dr.york would be under the jail by now. please feel free to respond and all those who really think they know the deal remember i've lived here for over 10 yrs. i know these people i know Dr.york - try telling your lies to me and we can go tit for tat. wadu.

Critics of Chief Black eagle 19.Nov.2003 16:33

Ankaboot ankaboot2nd

Its amazing how you people are saying all this bullshit about York and the child molestation charges. But the truth of the matter is the case is bogus and none of the evidence proves that this York was molesting any of the children. The government doctors tested the children and found no signs of being molested. So its plain to see that you people are not going by the facts in this case your just ingnoring the facts. The nuwaubian nation has never done anything but positive. We cant depend on you so-called white people to treat blacks as you would like to be treated. White people think that they should have everything and we should have nothing. You didn't need our permission to rob the true natives of this land and set up your corrupted government and we don't need your permission to reclaim what you stole from us. So you can say anything that you want but none of this nonsense can be proven. If knowledge is not to be confusing it must be given in order and in sequence to put the mind in order.

Wakeup!!! like the spike lee joint. 23.Nov.2003 22:37

Truborn starseeds

I know you dont realy believe this crap about black eagle/ malichi you see there now doing the same thing to micheale jackson. if they dont destroy your reputation/ mission in life. they will KILL U+me=Us they dont want to lose there power. they want to keep you in fear. but as soon as a Martin luther king / Malcom x / Jhon F kennedy / Abraham lincon / tupac / biggie smalls ect comes along they are threats. what i mean is they know that some thing is going to change in this world and Crist is to be the outcome . so lets destroy all the healers the leaders the the ron browns and the chosen ones so they hope to stop the inevetable, you have to read this three times to get this message. ps....... the change is near ............ ............ ...... ......



the truth is it's time for a change and nature is dictating this change. the devil rule is up and he doing every thing he can to hold on. even if it means trying to topple every successful black nation. so on may 8 2005 they tried to massacare the black native americans on 404 shadydale rd. eatonton ga. wahannee nuwaupia. which is sovereign land.
i was coming home the day they raided the land. and they pointed guns at me and other and said" you aren't giong over there today. they had guns that wasn't even in the movies yet. they came to kill,. but all they saw was children reading the bible. there was over 500 officer for what, when the man they came to murder they kiddnapped in milledgevill ga
hours prior to the raid. they had a hidden agenda. they can't stop these prophecies. it is impossible. you cannot turn god into a lair. check out www.unnm.com for more info.
part 1
stay in tune for more

SUN OF RIGHTOUSNESS 09.Dec.2003 11:24


as i can the record is in fact being set straight!!!!!! people of native american heritage support chief thunderbird black eagle all over the world. face it he is here your time is over, you will no longer have us believing anything you say about any of a black leaders this is a new day in time. babaloyn is fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Now-Days 29.Dec.2003 19:29

NewEgiptianKarast NewEgiptKarast@hotmail.com

By now you should now that you can not fool Us. YOu can not kidnap us like in the sixties, and think that we are not willing to not only fight however, die for our own selves. We will not stand back and allow you to kidnap our fathers and mothers, threatin our child and dis-credit our family (Native America-Moor Family). We will always rebutt the slanderers of our Chief. Just as the United States stand behind there Chief-Elect we as Yamasee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation will too stand behind our CHief (by birth) and you (Truth Teller) nor any other whether black , white, yellow, red, green or brown will get away with the physical nor characterist assasination of The Man of these days and time. We know everyone will not deal with reason, nor will they talk so-called civilized (when we know that they are not), however, true communication is the killer of ignorance. Know the truth because a great man once said: "THere's always 3 sides to every story, My SIde Your Side and THE TRUTH". FInd the truth and the truth will surely make you free. Truth is We Will always be here, just like the beginning,when no one is here, OUR great soul seed will always be here. Love yourself, find the truth, and work for a better world, that is the true Native Way. To my family We must continue to defend, it is always necessary no matter how ridicules one may sound, we must always be there for eachother, hopefully not only in times of hardship, ALL THE TIME. Much Love Faerwell and GIve Care.FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU FREE MAKU, Agitate, Agitate, Agitate.

Right Thinking, Right Action!! 06.Jan.2004 06:58

God Inspired


Right thinking and right action are two essential ingredients for developing a peaceful world.
Most of the members of the Nuwaubian community are very spooked out when it comes to real life situation, such as just maintaining healthy living conditions.
The Nuwaubians who lived on the land lived unhealthy. The women did not live with their husbands and at times without their children. The brothers lived in the "barn" literally. So what kind of example is that for the children when they see the fathers living like animals.

If York could spend half a million dollars on a house in Athens, then he could have been a better caretaker and spent that money on developing better housing for the families. The ten years that they lived there, the housing was still crappy.

Many of the women who lived there did not have respect for the men because they did not see the men acting responsible or at best, allowed to be an important role in his house, because he did not have a house to live with his family.

The sisters who governed the land were very unprofessional in their approach to handling business and their customer service skills were non-existant. The main idea amongst all Nuwaubians was that you weren't really "in" if you did not live on the "land". The nuwaubian representatives of that land did not give people a systmatic developing program for becoming a better person because they themselves did not develop it within. So the chaos that has brewed within their ranks is due to lack of vision , right thinking and right action. Most Nuwaubians goal is to be close to York and not "the All".

Don't get me wrong, the idea of unifying people of African descent is beautiful and teaching them their true heritage is great, but to abuse their weakness of thought and their financial instability is awful. The Nuwaubians will not grow because their thoughts are not bigger than York, they cannot see pass York's existance which gave them life. And if York dies physically or is imprisoned, then the Nuwaubians die and are imprisoned.

So, first, before the Nuwaubians can grow, they must acknowledge the many unrighteous thinking and actions that has taken place within the Nuwaubian community and stop passing the blame on the Caucasian. Because the only way for a supposed enemy to get inside is he must first have an openning which is watching the weakness of the people of that community. And York gave his supposed enemy an openning; he also diminished any real support from activist of all national background because of his mismanagement of his members.

Think on what was written from and don't respond childishly. Peace!!!

The writer of the Right Thinking, Right Action!! post is right and exact. 08.Jan.2004 15:28

9 I

The writer of the Right Thinking, Right Action!! post is right and exact.

What most of the Nuwabian Administration must overstand is that even it the charges (which I personally don't believe) made against Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle are not true, It's still a situation of the chickens coming home to roost. Yours is not to ask why this is happening yours is to ask why your children who you have been responsible for raising were allowed to be influenced by devils under your own noses? Is it because of your example. The Nuwabian doctrine teaches that we are the sources of all of our problems. For years Nuwabians who did not live on the land and many who did and were rejected because they didn't agree with the "Negro Mentalities" that were being expressed behind the veil gave their All in order to establish TRUE STABILITY and TRUE ADVANCEMENT. But the BIG I AMS who were supposedly "IN CHARGE" rejected any idea that they couldn't comprehend with their limited minds and ended up stealing and running into the ground any idea they could comprehend. Problems like this are usally the result of a lack of humility and pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. In many cases if we weren't willing to stoop down to the devils level and lie, steal and fabricate facts for the
mission we were perceived as "The Unfaithful" or unsupportive. You live by the laws of sin You die by the laws of sin.

Is it fair that just because Maku founded the movement and appears to be the strongest of us that he should take the Fall for the inequities of others. You so called Nuwabians should have used your superior abilities a long time ago and realized that the fight fire with fire approach will never win. This is not how the elders who's image and likness you claim to be molding yourselves after would play the game and anyone who knows the doctrine knows this. But that is the point most of the folks that lived on the Holy Land were not true PROPAGATORS of THE FACTS and didn't even know the doctrine and the way he was preparing us to carry on in his absence. Don't you remember he passed the key of life on during the New Years celebration of 2000 with the very words "I hope you young folks have what it takes to carry on". The question has never been guilt or innoscense.


think on this regaurding Mr.York and his teachings 22.Feb.2004 12:26

Minister Young of the Israelite School of Knowledge Judah12thTribe@yahoo.com

Greetings, I have a few questions for those who believe in the teachings of Mr.York.

Question # 1 If Mr.York is not guilty of the crimes of which he is charged why did he plead guilty? Would it not have been to his advantage to plead not guilty and confront his accusers to prove them wrong in a court of law?

Question # 2 Do you not think that it is odd that Mr.York is continually changing his teachings? That he jumps from philosophy to philosophy twisting and perverting various teachings to meet his own agenda his own needs?

Question # 3 Have you done thourough research concering the teachings of Mr.York? Do you not realize that all Mr.York has done is plagerize the works of others and call them his own? In addition Do you not see how while in the process of plagerizing these various works all he has done is change various words within them?

Question # 4 Do You Seek True Knowledge and Wisdom?

Question # 5 Are you willing to study the truth and cast aside all teachings that are false?

Statement: The mark of a false prophet is that they use lies and half truths to support whatever doctrine it is that they are teaching in order to prove themselves correct. You must realize that The Only Truth That We Have Must Come From The God of our fathers Abraham,Issacc,And Jacob. We must realize that people like Mr.York are truly out for themselves and can only lead us astray.Jeremiah Chpt 50:6 states(My People have been lost sheep their shepherds have caused them to go astray). now if you think about it this is a direct reference to Mr.York and others like him who prey upon the minds and hopes and ignorance of the people in order to make themselves seem as if they are some sort of Messiah. When all they truly are is the same as you and I. I implore you please continue to study and search for truth and Knowledge,and don't follow anyone blindly Question all things that you may find the truth. Peace Be Unto You I Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This If You Wish To Contact Me Go To  Judah12thTribe@yahoo.com

We are the true lambs 25.Feb.2004 21:12


what is wrong with you people? dont you read the doctrines he doesn't tell us anything we dont already know. He also say's dont believe him.(Check it out yourself. did he not say he was leaving soon. How blind can you be .He is preparing you or for some real nuwabians who he has prepared for the coming of the messiah jesus christ. Dont you see what is happining how the f#@^% can you be so dumb and blind .Didnt he tell you about the spell of sleep or the spell of leviathan. He cannot be here when the messiah comes. there cannot be 2. And for everyone's info We ARE ALL HUSTLA's in a since so why you knockin his hustle.Have you ever heard of disagreeable annunaqi use your brain my child.I AM NUWAUBIAN to the middle of my heart and to the average person we are some of the most diabolical seven fold beings in the world. We create and manifest at will. This jail sentence for the lamb whether he did it or not (If your a nuwaubian U know what is really going on)is what separates the men from the boys so to speak.NOBODY WROTE 720 books before IS EVERY ONE JEALOUS OF THE BLACK MAKU CHIEF's success. I mean come on the MEDIA? The STATE OF GEORGIA? THE PENAL SYSTEM. Am I supposed to belive them over a being that taught me more stuff than I've learned in my whole life . That,s all I have to say I'm getting restless. I have to go before I say something I'mnot supposed to say...WADU

2808 Dana ct Ellicott City Md 21042



This comment is addressed to the Indian (which Indian and Native American are not the same AND Dr. York never claimed to be an Indian) who posted about Dr. York being a fake Indian. I usually don't even waste my time trying to resurrect the brain dead, but I can't take it any more. OPEN A BOOK!!!!!! Who did YT steal the this AMERIKKKAN land from? NATIVE AMERICANS...BLACK FOLKS....INDIANS ARE FROM INDIA!!!!!! So Dr. York may be a fake INDIAN but he is a REAL NATIVE AMERICAN by virtue of the fact that his skin is black and his family (JUST LIKE MINE) was here before Mayflower, The Good Ship Jesus, and all the rest of the colonizers. Native Americans and Africans share identical culture because they are THE SAME PEOPLE but in a different region of the world. The dances, the spiritual practices, the music, the dress, the instruments IS ALL THE SAME...INDIANS are different. Now as far as the SLANDER about the Nuwaubian Nation and the land, and the "cult" (which is short for culture)...How many of you have actually BEEN to the land to SEE FOR YOURSELF the "conditions" that you so freely gossip about? Ya'll are real good at ignoring the facts and making stuff up. THE LAND IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES YOU CAN EVER EXPREIENCE AND THE CHILDREN ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! YA'LL ARE MAD THAT BLACK FOLKS BUILT PYRAMIDS IN GEORGIA WHILE YOU'RE STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW THEY WERE MADE WHILE STILL TRYING TO ATTACH YOUR RACE TO IT. GIT OVER IT...BLACK PEOPLE HAVE A RICH CULTURE AND WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS OF ALL...SO WE ARE EGYPTIAN, AFRICAN, NATIVE AMERICAN AND MORE!!!!!! YT/REAL INDIANS/PEOPLE WHO IGNORE THE TRUTH ought to do some more research before declaring who Is and Isn't in the racial BOX that you put them in. I CAN CHECK MANY BOXES AND SO CAN DR.YORK. Additionally, there is plenty of information available about how the ILLEGAL RAID OF THE LAND, STOLEN PERSONAL PROPERTY, FORCED FALSE TESTIMONIES, and MUCH MUCH MORE in order to get MAKU (Dr. York) out of his position as leader. WHY? Because he teaches NATIVE AMERICANS, MOORS, BLACKS, NUBIANS, or whatever you want to call US about our true story and culture which is verified by science and FACTS and You...YT/FAKE NATIVE AMERICANS are mad that we know who we are and we LOVE who we are. GET OVER IT. you can't stop him. He's still teaching from behind bars. The Melanin always wins and if you really want to know who's REAL or NOT...and who's ORIGINAL and NATIVE...then try to stand up underneath the sun all day and see if you can survive...and try to see if you can keep a beat (rhythm)as good as any of US. YOU CAN'T because YOU are not NATIVE and you're mad because WE KNOW IT. YOU CAN'T HIDE THE TRUTH AND THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE MAD AT. Instead of running around speculating on everyone's DNA you need to pull up YOUR family tree and find out who YOU are. Then if you want to talk about this case, then examine ALL the facts about the case...and last but not least STOP BEING JEALOUS OF OUR RACE.

PS I just read the comment from the Israelite and I have a question for you. Have you ever even READ one of his books?...since you know so much about his teachings. Apparently not because if you did, then you would know that references are THROUGHOUT his books so that there is NO MISINTERPRETATION that he's making it up. He teaches us the LANGUAGE that the ORIGINAL text is in and SHOWS US where they ALTERED it to make us DEAF, DUMB, and BLIND. He never claimed to be a prophet (as you stated he is a false one)...though if you look up the definition you'll see that he is one....a messenger... As far as him changing his teachings...it is testimony to the fact that he is constantly LEARNING and GROWING...anything that doesn't change is DEAD! So I'd rather have a teacher CHANGE a teaching when he finds out more information about it, than KEEP the same teachings just to be able to say he's CONSISTENT...By the way, he has a book called 360 Questions to ask a Hebrew Israelite...Maybe you could benefit from it....ISRAELITES IN GENERAL... Then again...if you're opposed to change then the truth doesn't matter, does it? And as far as why he would admit guilt if he didn't actually do it...Well I can honestly give you a few answers but I'll only give you one. #1-Because he was FORCED to in order to protect his-self and us....read up on the FBI involvement and you'll see why I'm saying that. And one more thing Dr. York is a POLITICAL PRISONER just like all the rest of our leaders who they MAKE UP CHARGES ON, PICK THE JUDGE, JURY, and CREATE WITNESSES. Don't you see a pattern here? WAKE UP!!! If an influential black man teaches BLACKS TO LOVE SELF AND KIND then he is DANGEROUS to WHITE SUPREMACY and they want him OUT. Hell, I'm expecting them to do the same thing to me or worse just for speaking up for him BUT if not me, then who? In the spirit of Malcolm, Martin, Medgar, Marcus, Mummia, and MORE...I meditate for Malachi AKA MAKU....A REAL NATIVE AMERICAN, LEADER, and TEACHER.

From Jersey to Georgia 29.Jul.2004 07:20


Well I know of this malachi york
1. he was not born in new york, he was born in mass.
2. the name on his birth certificate is "york" there is no first name
3. the people who he is accused of molesting are now saying that it didn't happen

www.unnm.com if you want the truth

Malachi York's Day has finally come, when will his followers wake up! 08.Oct.2004 10:08

Dan afjmdm@yahoo.com

I have read a ton of material by Mr. York or what ever he is calling himself by these days, and I have carried on long dialogs with some of his foot souldiers.
what I have seen is a seriously confused group of people have been willingly tricked by a con artist who some time ago realized just how much money and power he could easily get by putting together his own religion and teaching it to the many hungey empty souls that are ripe for something to believe in after being burned or turned off by other religions.

York is an religious Pimp who hussls people and uses his followers.
As for his teaching, he confuses (and often intentionally misinterprets), simple statements in the bible to discredit certin bible characters such as Paul. (I have documented this for anyone who whould like the proof). He twist facts and fabricats information in all kinds of ways to make his followers think that he is smart and them he makes them feel and think that they are blind and dumb if they donot agree with him. If it were not for the fact that some people (mainly his followers), take him seriously and are deceived by him he would be laughable. Rediculous is to good a word to describe his ability to comprehend basic statements in the bible. That is if indeed he simply cannot comprehend and therefore makes up his own interpretation. I believe that in some cases that is the problem. But in others he intentionally deceives.
I am in the process of documenting some of him many weard and sick teaching along with examples of his dishonesty, lies and plain ignorance.
If anyone has information that they would like to contribute to help me expose this soul hussler please contact me.
As for York, the Law has caught up with him with the help of followers who have been hurt by him. Lets see him prove that he has the Powers that he claimed to have. It did not protect him from exposure and arrest. No space-ship will break him out and no alien will come and advocate for him. Nor will his claimed ability to become invisible or any other claimed connection with or identity as Elohim will get him out of prison. York day has finally come and I hope it is a very long one.

Angry response 15.Mar.2005 23:46

Not you

Fuck all of you. With exception to the Native Americans who use there souls to guide them. Especaily whoever wrote this artical. You know nothing about what you speak of. If you are satisfied with just voicing your opinion than I hope you die with it.

THE MAIN POINT 15.May.2005 23:52


I just laugh at you Tamahu, Malachizodok or Melchizedek has come to do his job and is succesfully doing it raising people all over the globe. If you actually took the time out to study about yourself's you will found out that you only go back 6'000 years but hold on how long has the earth been here and where did the first beings rise on land? Answer Africa. You can criticise Malchi's personal-ality as much as you like but THE FACT IS YOU CANNOT PROVE HIS TEACHINGS WRONG AND IF YOU TRY YOU WILL BE ANSWERED OR CORRECTED AND MY LAST POINT IS THE REASON WHY YOU TAMAHU, CAUCASIANS OR YOU BEINGS WHO LOST YOUR MENALIN DUE TO MIXING OUT, CANNOT READ OR OVERSTAND THE TEACHINGS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LINK. IT IS NOT FOR YOU. SO YOU JUST LABEL ANYTHING YOU DO NOT OVERSTAND AS CRAZY. WE HAVE NOT TROUBLED YOU BUT WHEN YOU SEE US RISING YOU JUST WANT TO KICK US DOWN.


To poster above... 12.Jun.2005 08:04

Commander Jesus of Alderbaran

What does Tamahu means exactly?

Fear 14.Jun.2005 12:55


I my self am not a follower of Malachi Z. York. Some of his teachings I accepted some I don't but as a black man I stand behind his intentions. These accusations brought against this man are lies and it shows the fear of whites in america and this world. The fear of the resurrection of Egypt. They fear the power of my people. Now not all whites fear us but lets be real the majority do whether through misconception or other means. The U.S. government has always sought to destroy anything and anyone in the way of their agenda whether it's right or wrong. The U.S. Government only cares for the rich and secret government members(those with knowledge, wisdom and understanding/overstanding know what I'm speaking of). This man is not a man of hate. And I hope his followers have continued to love all people despite the circumstances. Malachi only wishes to give you his philosophy in hopes that not only our people but other people can be saved from the world we have created. And seeing how all things and I do mean ALL THINGS began in Egypt so must ALL things return to Egypt for restoration of a new eden. Peace. Be Blessed.

Fear 14.Jun.2005 13:11


I my self am not a follower of Malachi Z. York. Some of his teachings I accepted some I don't but as a black man I stand behind his intentions. These accusations brought against this man are lies and it shows the fear of whites in america and this world. The fear of the resurrection of Egypt. They fear the power of my people. Now not all whites fear us but lets be real the majority do whether through misconception or other means. The U.S. government has always sought to destroy anything and anyone in the way of their agenda whether it's right or wrong. The U.S. Government only cares for the rich and secret government members(those with knowledge, wisdom and understanding/overstanding know what I'm speaking of). This man is not a man of hate. And I hope his followers have continued to love all people despite the circumstances. Malachi only wishes to give you his philosophy in hopes that not only our people but other people can be saved from the world we have created. And seeing how all things and I do mean ALL THINGS began in Egypt so must ALL things return to Egypt for restoration of a new eden. Peace. Be Blessed.

Z york is a joke 15.Jun.2005 19:20

the man from planet earth

All you z yorkers are blind brainwashed lost black kids. He took all of your money all of your life and time and now he has been caught with his pants down. How Could a man so intelligent from a different planet with all this power and knowlwdge even begin to admit to such crimes. The guy is a pervert who thoght he was invincible because of all the blind idiots rallying around him.
There aint no Henry the 8Th ship comming to pick up no one so go help out granny's or somthing.
Look at the video, This so called great leader, look at his posture use your own brains the man said he did it.
I think even if you caught him with your baby sister or brother you Z Yorkers would still find some excuse like ( "Ummm oh.. he is really doing my sibling he is just planting seeds so us humans can survive the backdraft from the comming of the ship that was supposed to collect us a cuople of times but will be here at 12.00am oh or noon.")
Wake up  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/07/267373.shtml

YORK IS A BATTY MAN 14.Aug.2005 14:40

the truth

he is a batty man, a fraud, a thief, a liar, a crook and in jail!

Seems fishy 19.Oct.2005 17:35


to me the tape of the confession seems fishy- the man doesn't seem to be all the way there, since when does a judge call a man by his nickname, the judge called him Malachi York but we all know that his legal name is Dwight- Why can we hear everyone so well except for Dr. York, why did I have to search so hard to find the video-taped confession of a black man accused of so many counts of child molestation in Georgia, I feel that had a man with this much power and this much animosity toward and from the local, state, and federal governments confessed to this kind of crime, this confession would be all over the place and not hard to find at all- I think this tape is a hoax- I'm not a follower of Dr.York but I have read some of his works and with an open mind, some of it actually makes sense- I don't know if he did what they say he did or not, I wasn't there, but I do have friends that belong to his nation and theyhave never had any fear of their children or women being harmed by Dr. York

The need to cover the truth by any means 27.Oct.2005 15:17


Has ant body ever heard of this Brother his name is Simeon Toko he lived in Africa he was born 13 May 1917 died 1984 believe it or not he was christ returned. Brother and Sisters he is the Third Secrect of Fantima,that anounced his birth this is the secret that the vat-ican had sealed up until the year 1960, it was said that the secret was to be read publicly by the pope if you don't believe me read this for your selves matt chpt.11 ver,2 thur6 this is what simeon told the poeple that the pope sent to him to find to if he was who he said he was, go to Google and put the search in for your selves, I did and the info I found was astonishing, with that said I have never seen or talked to Chief Black Eagle but from all that I have read about and on him it all is the truth, this is the same story that I have read on Brother Simeon Toko of Africa, he had the started a singing choir of 12 and it became hundreds this man was tortchored be the Belgian Government, just as Chief Black Eagle is being torchered by the American Government, what you must understand is all these things are suppose to happen to all the people that are bring all of Gods People back to him before he destory's the people that are doing the work of their FATHER, Chirst said to the pharocess, you do the work of your father and you do as your father does. Brothers and Sisters please let not your hearts be troubled our Father is with him they can do what they want to the body but what is in store for their soul they will not escape the judgment at hand today they are the judges but they will face the true and just judge all there lies will be uncoverd and we will see their nakedness how long not long we will endure. Peace to all and send your prayers to the universe so they will be heard around heaven and come back with power of our father to our Brother Black Eagle, he is surrounded by volchores.

False Prophets like York are everywhere 28.Nov.2005 16:02


Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

Matthew chapter 24

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

2 Timothy chapter 4

Maku I no you 07.Feb.2006 09:44

byronstarhot@yahoo.com byronstarhot@yahoo.com

This guy is as guilty as they come. I have never, nor will ever hear of such a poposterious naturism possessed by an individual. If one notices everything conserning this person revolves around the FACT that (he) is spending the rest of eternety in the great lake of fire for his decision to exployt the I that is the girl, the regular one.

In case anyone is onedering I am the individual known as HYMN.

Thank you for your patience, and "York" has already thanked me for mine.

York's admission speaks volumes!!! 21.Apr.2006 18:57


It is mindboggling that a man can admit to such a heinous crime as molesting children and yet be perceived as some victim to a government conspiracy! First of all, an innocent man would NEVER admit guilt to such a crime if he really did not commit such acts. Why wouldn't York plead innocent and go to trial and let the "facts" vindicate him if he were truly innocent? This "man" deserves his life sentence and thank goodness for the judge that reversed the 10 year plea agreement and gave him what he really deserves, which is never to see the light of day again! York's followers really need to look at their leader admitting to these charges and feel as ashamed as he looked to support such a monster.