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There has been considerable praise for the efforts of the Recall Vera Katz Committee against police violence, and when people are approached and asked to sign the petition, the response is amazingly high. But more volunteer petitioners are needed. We appreciate the volunteers we have, but there are not nearly enough of them. Although people are eager to sign the petition, there has not been a corresponding eagerness to volunteer to circulate petitions.
Whether or not we actually get 30,000-plus signatures by August 22, every signature is a vote against police violence and adds credibility to our campaign for getting to the root of the problem of police violence by reforming the structure of the police bureau. We can claim success if all we do is plant the seed and keep the right-wing group off the ballot.
Because of the short time frame in which to file before the right-wingers could do so, there was not the opportunity for coalition-building outreach. We took a leap of faith that volunteers would step forward. Chief petitioner Marvin Moore is capable at organizing the legal and financial details of the campaign but says that he doesn't have the extroverted, salesperson type of personality for outreach and promotion, nor does he have the time and energy to do the work of dozens of people.
We know that everyone is already busy and that there's so much calling for our attention, but would you be able to collect some signatures? Would you be able to make some phone calls to recruit volunteers, get endorsements, build coalitions, find more locations for petitions, etc? See part one of this posting (separately, due to some indymedia glitch) for information about the July 2 volunteer meeting.

We are "conservatives" when it comes to financial management. The committee has spent a few hundred dollars on campaign essentials such as a domain name, Web hosting, voice mail, paper, etc. We have an in-kind donation of computer and copier use. But we still need a few more donations to cover expenses. Because we are a legal PAC, contributions qualify for the state political-contribution tax credit. Thus, you can donate up to $50 (or $100 if married filing jointly) and it may not cost you anything; all you are doing in effect is paying a portion of your 2003 state income tax in advance. You may be able to claim the credit when you file your 2003 return in early 2004. Make checks payable to Recall Vera Katz Committee; list your name, address, and occupation (or employer's name and address) for election-law reporting requirements; and mail to P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207. Thank you!

Please tell us what you think. Your ideas are welcome and needed. And if you have a better idea for getting to the root of police violence, we are open to it. But remember that ideas must be followed with action! Our Web site is at www.recallvera.org. You may contact us at  recallverakatz@yahoo.com, or voice mail 503-972-8177. Thanks!

homepage: homepage: http://www.recallvera.org
phone: phone: 503-972-8177
address: address: P.O. Box 1851, Portland, Oregon 97207