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Flag Burners Ball CANCELED

Censorship...or gutless collusion with the imperial megamachine??
Shocking as it might seem, the owners of Sam Bond's Garage in Eugene have decided to pull the plug on the 4th of July Flag Burners Ball and close the bar for the night! Eugene's Cascadia Media Collective had one hell of a multi-media extravaganza in the works, but now we'll just have to hide under our beds and cry about empire all alone (like we've done every other 4th of July). Though they have had zero discussion with us about it in making the decision, they apparently were unwilling to take what they perceived as a risk or to make whatever statement hosting such an event would make. We really don't know why, but it seems they had received complaints about the fliers around town. After Bond's INVITED US to host an event there on the 4th and after several weeks of extensive preparation, we are very disappointed for many reasons. If you are disappointed too, feel free to contact Sam Bonds. [ph(541) 343-2635 or  sam@sambonds.com] (I guess when Homeland Security comes marching down the street, Sam Bonds will be a bad place to hide.)

We'll be rescheduling a similar event at another time and place soon, keep your eyes peeled, especially for our footage from the streets of Sacramento. Good luck dealing with the feelings so many of us experience every year on the 4th.

-Marshall for The CMC

ps. we're still listed on the Bond's website, and we noticed that 3 days later the Bill of Rights Defense Committee will be hosting a benefit there. I guess protecting the 1st amendment is ok, but exercising it isn't.

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