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Oiligarchy Shows - TONIGHT & TOMORROW!

The Liberty Cabbage Theatre Revival, a collectively-run political performance troupe based in Western Massachusetts presents: Oiligarchy A Comic Tragedy about Love, Loss and Addiction. Puppetry, poetry & performance about petroleum: it's origins, alternatives and ties to war. This group just performed att he demonstrations in Sac and then in Ashland and they are phenomenal! It is a really fun, vaudeville-style show. Creative, funny, with original songs, funky homemade instruments and great "cheap art" prints for sale. Tonight 6:30 pm: Environmental Middle School, 2421 SE Orange Ave Wednesday, 7/2: 8pm @Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St DON"T MISS IT!!
Oiligarchy cast
Oiligarchy cast
The traveling show is comprised of three energetic activists who are traveling cross-country in their biodiesel truck. The show is definitely suitable for older kids as well as adults.

homepage: homepage: http://veganica.com/oiligarchy/