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Where are we?

A lengthy request for action
Please check the link.

homepage: homepage: http://truthout.org/docs_03/060603D.shtml

Good article - 01.Jul.2003 12:02


Good article: My favorite paragraph: 
Environmentalists - Alaska is melting; the Journal Nature reports that 90% of all large fish such as tuna, marlin, swordfish, cod and halibut are gone from our oceans; fuel efficiency of our cars is at a 22 year low - It's now considered patriotic, for crying out loud, to drive a hummer. So where the hell are you? I want to read about you or even join you protesting at hearings in Washington or Big Oil shareholder meetings. We need the activists and scientists to challenge this aggressively anti-science administration. Some things we may be able to reverse when we wrest power over the planet from their control. But extinct is extinct.

Where have I been? 02.Jul.2003 00:07


I just got back from painting down at the peace display accross from city hall. Just before that I went up to the Kendra James meeting in north Portland. I've been voluteering heavily at peace marches and other political events for the past two years.
How about the rest of you all?


To: Firetruck 02.Jul.2003 06:15

Liberal whiner hater

You're a passivist, not an activist. "painting down at the peace display"? What the hell has any peace symbol ever done for us? Nothing. Symbols are just that: symbolic. They're are poor substitute for action.

"went up to the Kendra James meeting"? Meeting? Meeting!? Meetings are a great waste of time. Oh yeah, let's sit around and *talk* for hours. Let's not--please, let's not!--*do* anything. Let's just *discuss* and *reflect*.

"voluteering heavily at peace marches"? Oh yeah, the peace marches before this last Iraqi war really helped. Pfff!

Look, there are two kinds of progressives. The academic, intellectualizing kind that don't accomplish anything but makes themselves *feel great*. This is the standard liberal.

And then there are the true activists, that *do* something, that have the guts to put out effort, to put themselves at risk.

Say what you will about the shortcomings of Critical Mass, community gardens, Dignity Village, etc.--but at least they're *DOING* something. Ya know, being an activist? Being active?

What does it take to wake up these cushy, comfortable SE Portland liberals?