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Rainbow Gathering Update from FS Freddie Website

The Forest Service posted a new update today for June 30.

The updates are located at this page:
They publish in pdf format. Here is the text version:

Yesterday Forest Service Law Enforcement
Officers arrested two suspects believed to have instigated the situation late last week,
during which rocks were thrown at officers.
Injuries to the officers were minor. Currently, there are approximately 3400
participants at the gathering.

The permit suspension has been lifted.
Limited traffic will be allowed on Forest Road 307. Designated parking is available
approximately 4 miles east of Forest Road 307
on 058 (North Slope Road). There is no parking off the North Slope Road from
Elizabeth Ridge to Forest Road 307 because of private property.


In 1995 the Forest Service established regulations requiring a free non-commercial
group use permit for gatherings of 75 or more people. This permit allows the Forest Service
to work with permitees to mitigate public health and safety and resource protection concerns.
This is the first time a permit has been issued for this gathering. Forest Service resource
specialists continue to work with the permit holder to resolve issues related to the permit


The North Slope Road is congested with increasing traffic into the site. Also, watch out
for road construction workers. Parking is extremely limited and approximately 4 miles
away from the site.
The only way into the site is on foot or by a shuttle from the parking area provided by the Rainbow Family to event participants.
Please drive safely. The road is very rough and winding and there are narrow places with
sharp curves.


Evanston weather for Monday calls for a high of 82 and low of 53. Monday is expected to be windy with plenty of sun.
Temperatures will be cooler at the Gathering site.