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Commercial Assault

Any way they can
Stop Hillary's Book

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Sick of the media's puffery of Hillary Clinton and her new book in an obvious effort to help her presidential chances?

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As the Pentagon proved with its deck of Most Wanted Iraqis, there's no better way to "out" the enemy than to depict it on a deck of cards.

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In fact, NewsMax has a goal - we want to sell more Decks of Hillary than Hillary sells of her own book. It's a big goal - but with your help we can do it and tell the big media about our success.

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What Liberal Media? 01.Jul.2003 01:56



puff power 01.Jul.2003 08:51

I didn't inhale... much...

"Sick of the media's puffery of Hillary Clinton and her new book in an obvious effort to help her presidential chances?"

Is THAT what they're doing? Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I will have to read this thing after all. I wasn't really having a love fest though, I though this was a really really bad time to hear about Bill's pants. Some people already won't ever let you forget it, and then Mrs. Bill has to go and bring it up.

All I know for sure is that I'm sick of media's puffery of George W. Bush in an obvious effort to help his presidential chances.

mind you, Hillary is a warmongering capitalist 01.Jul.2003 12:02


Hillary voted for war on the Iraqi people, and stood by her hisband as he bombed women and children and civilians throughout Bill's Presidency. She is hardly any better than George The Second. They are both sick mass murderers who should stand before war crime tribunals.