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Question About 1905?

Does anyone know where 1905 is playing?
Supposedly, at least according to their website, the terrific DC area punk band 1905 is playing here in Portland. They were through town last year with Against Me! and the Assistant. However, on their website there is no venue listed. Does anyone know if, and where they are playing here in Portland?

1905 30.Jun.2003 13:45

Not a medic pdxaca@ziplip.com

The flyer for the Benefit for Break the Chains Conference lists 1905 as one of the bands playing.

Wednesday, July 2nd at The Know, 2026 NE Alberta. Video at 7 PM. Music at 8:30.

No alcohol. $5 suggested donation.

Thanks 30.Jun.2003 14:47


Thanks for the info.