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Strom Thurmon is Dead At Last, Yet Others Remain

Strom Thurmon is Dead At Last, Yet Others Remain




Hmmmm.... 27.Jun.2003 07:03


For an 'Independent Media center' Im surprised this post isn't in the compost since all it does is link to major corporate media outlets...?

Well, my dogs happy. 27.Jun.2003 08:51


My dog fought against Mr. Thurmond in the civil war.

YEeay 27.Jun.2003 16:27

My Name is Bill W. Bush and I'm a warmonger......

Hoorah! That fascist old cracker finally dropped dead. I hope more of the swine follow his example.

dogd do die 03.Jul.2003 08:42

ronald plummer

my only regret about Stom death is, it is 99.5 years too late

yes thank GOD some REMAIN! alway be some 17.Dec.2003 08:37

author GOD

love God

WE NEED HONEST PEOPLE!!! 08.Jan.2004 18:46

val hottvalley04@hotmail.com

strom was an honest as honest can be, and its really hard to find people like that out there, and we need more of them!!!