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Kendra James killers will be "disciplined"

NPR just announced that Portland's fascist police chief Kroker has stated that he will "discipline" the officers who murdered Kendra James.
Apparently, Kroker plans to issue lengthy suspensions to the officers involved in the killing of Kendra James.
....For clarification 26.Jun.2003 17:33


that means that the officers will NOT be fired.

It makes absolutely no sense 27.Jun.2003 00:55


It comes to this: Either he was right, or he was wrong. Either he used appropriate force, or excessive.

By disciplining the officer, Kroker admits the officer was wrong -- that he used excessive force. If he had not -- if he acted in much the same way another officer would have -- there'd be no reason to discipline him at all. So clearly, the PPD believes he killed a woman /without cause/.

And the PPD believes suspension is an appropriate remedy? The officer has shown himself incapable of making proper decisions while under stress. Even if his actions weren't criminal (I believe they are...but even if they aren't), they were definitely wrong. And he'll undoubtedly be in similar situations in the future.

Joey Gets Mixed Up 27.Jun.2003 07:37

Den Mark

Since the situation that "Joey" describes isn't the same one this thread is about, it's clear that "Joey" gets mixed up easily. Poor "Joey".

Okay Now 27.Jun.2003 10:00


The issue seems to be poorly trained police. That officer should not have been placed in that situation, one
the department should have known may be volatile. This officer obviously exercised extremely poor judgement
based on inexperience. In an of itself, that is inexcusable, irregardless of the actions of Kendra. Police should be
trained to deal with difficult situations and people minimizing risk to both themselves and the public.