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Blumenauer wants to hear from us!

Earl Blumenauer will be holding a brew ha ha this weekend. He thinks he wants to hear from us about Portland Politics...he may run for Mayor...
Earl Blumenauer is holding a gathering at the Bridgeport Brew Pub in NW Portland on Sunday, June 29th from 5:30- 7:00. He wants to hear from people who are interested in changes in Portland politics. Come with questions and comments that will help us all explore what we want from the
next mayor of Portland. He has not decided to run for that office yet but is exploring the possibilities.

HIS POSITION ON THE FOLLOWING.......... 27.Jun.2003 21:18

Concerned he will be mayor

I wish to know his position on housing 5 criminally insane men, all with a violent crime history, in a grouphome in a residential neighborhood.......400 ft from a grade school and allowing them 90 minutes of UNSUPERVISED walks pass the school each day.

Mayor? Really??? 28.Jun.2003 08:03

He'd have my vote

All I know is, he'd get my vote. I don't generally vote, certainly not for dems or reps. But I would make an exception in this case. He's taken some controversial stands on principal, and I like him. Also, it would mean the end of the nasty vera. I know Earl wouldn't put up with that dumbass Kroeker. He'd be out before the vote was even counted.

Plus, he flipped me off once. No kidding. I was driving down second, and misjudged traffic in my frenzy to get home, and totally cut this guy off. I don't know what I was thinking. He came pulling up beside me at the next light, and I braced myself for a well deserved up-braiding. I look over all apologetic, and there's Earl, flipping me off! Whoa! Anyway, he seemed sheepish when he realized I was apologizing.

ONE BIRD...DOESNT MAKE A MAYOR 28.Jun.2003 10:24


ahh!!!!!, please state your response to my request for his position on my above post.

?? 28.Jun.2003 17:23


no one knows what the hell you're talking about.



He was "thrilled" EARL fipped him off over a traffic snafu..... WOW .THERE IS A REASON TO VOTE FOR HIM. GOD........ THIS TOWN IS SICK!