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I believe we can safely conclude that the pResident, and the corporate media, are definitely full of beans!
June 26, 2003

Holy Farce! WMD Castor Beans Seized by Defense Department Office of Propaganda!

Once Again the Media Swallows the Farcical Bush Cartel WMD Stories Hook, Line and Castor Bean!

The Tale of the Alleged WMD Part Buried in 1991 and Castor Beans.

This is Ludicrous for the Press to Take Seriously!



See:  http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20030625/wl_mideast_afp/iraq_us_nuclear_030625234238

Stop the presses!!!! "The most promising find, yet, in the hunt for WMDs has been located", according to Meg Alexander of NBC's Oklahoma City affiliate, KFOR. An Iraqi scientist has shown our guys that he has items buried in his yard that could be used to produce the necessary equipment to produce a nuclear weapon and he has the instructions. I heard this same story yesterday on OETA, except PBS didn't take out the part about it having been buried prior to Desert Storm in 1991 and so deteriorated and out of date it is useless.

They found a large stash of castor beans, which according to Meg can be used to produce the toxin, ricin. Meg will assume that is what it positively will be used for because she intends to keep to the Bush program of scaring the daylights out of everyone in the USA. She will not under any circumstance research any other uses. If they found a ton of peaches, she and the Bush administration would never assume they were making jam and just broadcast that they were using the seeds to make arsenic.

I know they are so busy at KFOR filtering through the news to pick out the scariest parts to bother with the emotional well-being of their audience, but it took me about ten minutes to find out that castor beans can be used to make a medicine that is used to induce milk production in new mothers. It is also used in paints and varnishes and of course they never use those in Iraq.

Castor beans are used in the making of high performance motor oil. Oh my God, they could be trying to make a better motor oil!! This is serious!!! The guys who are sitting on the second largest oil reserve on the planet could be interested in making high performance motor oil.

My suggestion would be for us to seize that load of castor beans and turn it into the most practical use for the US and channel 4 and that would be castor oil. Start at the top with George W. Bush, give it to the entire administration, GOP, the staff at KFOR and Meg Alexander because they are so full of crap they could fertilize the entire planet.

BROWN ALERT, BROWN ALERT!!!!! Crap coming your way. The most promising proof, so far, to justify the killing of nearly 200 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis is materials that have been buried since 1991 and enough castor beans to give relief to Bush, the Administration, the GOP, the news media and Meg Alexander.

The need for the war was urgent, they could attack in 45 minutes, or so they said. Castor oil, the antidote to Weapons of Mass Constipation. Take it now, Meg and in 45 minutes you will have relief and so will we. I think we need to send a roll of our favorite TP to Meg and Bush to see if they can't clean the crap out of their reports before they are issued as a warning.

Karen Webb, Moore, Ok.


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beanstalk 26.Jun.2003 14:09


Perhaps Jack planted them in hopes of finding the goose laying the golden eggs!

Hilarious 26.Jun.2003 15:26

Impeach the Lying Mass Murderer Bush

Just when you think you know how stupid Bush is, he pulls something like this to prove he's even dumber than you thought.

The castor plant grows wild in much of California, and is sometimes planted as an ornamental. Castor oil, sold as a laxative, is non-toxic and extracted from the beans of the plant. In the land of the "free," where growing hemp can land you in prison, there are no laws against growing the castor plant.

actually castor beans are very toxic 26.Jun.2003 15:54


Not to agree with the Bush junta or anything (they're a bunch of lying imperialist bastards), but even liars sometimes tell the truth.

Castor beans ARE toxic and DO contain ricin. Castor oil is not toxic because ricin is water-soluble and as the old saying goes, oil and water don't mix. Castor oil has many non-nefarious uses, including as a laxative and as a lubricant. The meal left over after pressing castor beans for their oil can be mostly detoxified by heat treatment and then added as a protien supplement to animal feeds.

The castor bean plant is native to Africa and can grow in many warmer climates. It's a weedy plant that often escapes from cultivation (as someone else has pointed out, it's a common weed in some parts of Southern California). It's also grown as a garden ornamental, even in temperate climates where it's treated as an annual. In southern Iraq, it would definitely be a perennial, and is probably a common weed. It may even be grown as a commercial crop there.

Only use or ricin as a weapon I'm aware of is in several assassinations. Never heard of it being used on the battlefield to poison mass amounts of people.

In summary, finding a cache of castor beans in Iraq is no big surprise and any claims of it being "evidence of WMDs" sounds like complete BS to me.