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Pirated Media: United States of Fascism

I altered the bill to more accurately reflect what it stands for.
I altered the bill to more accurately reflect what it stands for.
The picture 26.Jun.2003 12:45


The picture.

a 26.Jun.2003 21:55


jeezuz thats cool. Im glad you've got nuthing better to do than spank it and fart around with photoshop. frikkin jeenius! Michelangelo in our midst.

I love to spank it too! 26.Jun.2003 22:57


In fact I'm spanking it right now.

Who did you borrow the Ben Franklin from? 26.Jun.2003 23:45


The artwork is dazzling, but the most incredible part of this is that you actually have $100 - maybe you could use it to buy a date

The bill was mine. 27.Jun.2003 10:20


I see Bens all the time. I don't have a bank account so I actually get to "see" my money. I don't attend college and I'm definitely not part of a fraternity. This mod took all of an hour to complete with pirated software I didn't pay for and with no formal education. I hate the capitalist government, and show my disdain, because I'm free to do so as an American.

Good luck with that... 28.Jun.2003 17:53


Your mother must be so proud...

??? 21.Aug.2003 11:25


So what's the big deal? Why give someone a hard time for defacing a picture of a dollar? He's expressing a belief he holds... does that mean that he can't get a date or that he is necessarily poor? Which person is really the waste of space, the one that chooses an artistic form to express his beliefs, or the one that is simply vindictive and has nothing of substance to say?