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Arrest in NW Portland

Today at 4:45 I was walking down NW 23rd and witnessed a violent arrest.
When I got to NW 23rd and Raleigh, there was a cop car pulled up onto the sidewalk. The cop was leading a handcuffed man toward the car, when it looked like the man tried to get away. The cop threw him against the trunk of the car, then tried to shove him into the backseat. The man's chin was against the roof of the car. Instead of following procedure by putting his hand on the man's head as he put him into the car, the man's head went all the way back. I don't have any idea what he was arrested for, or if he was injured while he was being arrested. It looked like procedures were violated. I know there were other witnesses to this, including a man who was yelling at the cop from across the street. I was across the street when all of this happened, so I wasn't able to get the name or badge number but I did get the license plate number from his car. I don't have a very good description of the cop either, since he was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.
interested in filing a citizen complaint? 26.Jun.2003 10:30

Diane with pdxCOPWATCH dianelane@riseup.net

Although you don't have the officer's name and number, you can still file a citizen complaint with the Independent Police Review (IPR) about this apparent police misconduct since the IPR takes complaints from any source including third party witnesses. Since it was an arrest, the police Bureau will have records of the incident and so if you give details of the location and time, along with the license plate, they should be able to figure out which officers were involved. Be aware that it sounds like the arrestee was attempting to flee a legal police hold, meaning the police can use reasonable force to take him in. What you saw, though, sounds like more force than reasonably necessary and could have injured the man. Did the man physically resist or put up a physical struggle? It'll help if you write everything down that you saw so that it stays fresh in your mind if they decide to investigate your complaint. To get a complaint form you can call: 503-823-0146 or go to their website: www.ci.portland.or.us/auditor/ipr

Good luck.