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"Well, we finally get some sort of public admission from a gvm't source(NASA) that some chemtrail-like experimentation (using Trimethylaluminum)has been going on for at least 25 years! "
NASA Admits to Spraying TMA in Air: a Compound in ChemTrails
Well, we finally get some sort of public admission from a gvm't source
(NASA) that some chemtrail-like experimentation (using Trimethylaluminum)
has been going on for at least 25 years! Tests done in the vicinity of
chemtrail fallout have shown significantly increased levels of aluminum, as
well as barium. So, TMA could very likely be a component of the chemtrail
soup, though it's doubtful it's the only constituent. Observations in
areas laced with chemtrail residue are of a thick, gooey substance that is
corrosive (melts paint, etc.), with common complaints of skin, eye and
nasal irritation and burning, respiratory distress and other symptoms
consistent with TMA exposure:
"Highly reactive, pyrophoric substances; corrosive on contact with skin and
eyes. Trimethylaluminum and related alkylaluminum reagents are pyrophoric
materials that can react explosively with the moisture in tissues, causing
severe burns. The heat of reaction can also ignite the methane gas
generated, resulting in thermal burns. Alkylaluminum reagents are corrosive
substances, and contact is extremely destructive to the eyes, skin, and
mucous membranes. Inhalation of trimethylaluminum and other volatile
alkylaluminum compounds may cause severe damage to the respiratory tract
and can lead to fatal pulmonary edema." (from National Research Council)
...yes, yes, yes......but..... 25.Jun.2003 23:03


...the hysterical postings concerning daily reports of sightings of "chemtrails over eugene and portland" are related to CONtrails. Good Lord, save us all from the igorance that abounds. Please save me from another round of "evil government/corporate/fascist plot" theories. Please read the indicated sites carefully and completely. Yikes, I need to find an affinity group of reasonable, rational thinkers. Is there anybody out there?...hmmm?

Dopey trails . . . . . . 26.Jun.2003 07:31

Sky King

Alas, francek, most of the postings here are from people who are mostly ignorant of anything technical, and they are willing to believe any crackpot who comes along with a load of nonsense. The article above pretty much fits the norm for postings here. Actually, it's always fun to come here. Crackpots can be a great source of entertainment! Ciao!

Protection from the trails... 26.Jun.2003 23:54


Using heavy duty aluminum foil, you can make a simple helmet that will protect you from the chemtrails and block out the evil thoughts President Bush is planting in your brain with the mind control waves that Larry King broadcasts over CNN every night.

Just send me $29.99 and I'll send you the plans for the helmet.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

If you really want to know... 27.Jun.2003 13:45

Agent Orange

the truth about "chemtrails" research some atmospheric mechanics...or read my recant. I know the data seems compelling and sound, but it does not withstand close inspection. Skepticism is a virture. Do not jump to conclusions without firm ground to stand on. The government is up to a lot of freaky shit, but it doesn't mean that this freaky shit is going on