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Activists bid farewell to Sacramento Police

Despite the fact that both the WTO Conference and its attendant protests are winding down and folks are all going home, police helicopters continue to fly over the Mobilization Welcome Center every few minutes. In response, a group of young people arranged themselves into this "Circle A" shape in the parking lot to send a farewell message to the police. We'd like to think we cracked a smile up in that agitating machine. See ya later, Sacto PD!
"Circle A" see-ya message to Sacto PD
same, resized for center column feature pic
same, resized for center column feature pic
Next Stop: Cancun!
Police State! 26.Jun.2003 03:04


Attending this protest and march was a major eye-opener! This is a police state! The night before the march I was walking with my aunt and her dog in Citrus Heights. It was a nice warm evening. Suddenly a helicopter with a deep floodlight beam began circling an area in the shopping mall across the street. Around and around it went. Soon a message was broadcast down from up there, "You must leave the area or you will be arrested for trespassing!" A small crowd gathered on the sidewalk, and it was thought there was a Starbuck's protest going on.

THAT did it for the police activity for the day! I was at an Imax protest earlier, and the drumming and dancing was beautiful until the police moved forward to clear the area. My bag with personal items and ID got pulled out of my hand and dragged off with an arrested protester. I was told it would be impounded, but did manage to get it back before it was taken away. The police were unlawful: I witnessed a protester on the sidewalk, who was pulled forward from his shoulders, into the street.and arrested! I was told to get off private property (Imax?), and leave the area. In doing so my bag was torn from me.

Next time I'll wear my day-hike pack around my waist, and I won't leave so early. It is the people's voices that must be heard. Secret ministerial meetings must stop. The citizens are the country! Arise, people! Police violence reflects a police state. They were everywhere, but we have the REAL power. Peace, gk.