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Here are your WMD

Here are your WMD
Just hit the news- I guess Bush was right...

BULLSHIT. 25.Jun.2003 15:40


several "parts" of a gas centrifuge system for enriching uranium dug up from under a rose bush in a back yard in Baghdad,

planted 12 years ago in order to "reconstitute their nuclear program as soon as the world was no longer looking",

ARE NOT Weapons of Mass Destruction.

GWB, Colin Powell et al said there were *entire factories* and *vast stockpiles* of CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL WMDs,

ready for imminent launch against neighbors


hillarious 25.Jun.2003 15:51


It's so funny watching them grasp at straws and even funnier watching people lap up the administration's bullshit.

nice evidence 25.Jun.2003 16:26

show-me state

"plans to reconstitute their nuclear program as soon as the world was no longer looking."

Apparently whatever we doing they thought it was "looking". We could have gone on "looking" indefinitely, I'm sure.

Nice evidence that UN inspections were working perfectly even when inspectors weren't allowed in.

Nice evidence that Iraq hadn't had an active weapons program in 12 years!!!

I guess Bush was so wrong, he ought to be ridden out on a rail.

heehee-haahaa 25.Jun.2003 17:08



is this the best the media can do to convince people that this war is justified?


people are not bying it, the more bullshit they pull, the sooner they lose power!


show-me state 25.Jun.2003 17:10

the future

"I guess Bush was so wrong, he ought to be ridden out on a rail. " Dear show-me leave Bush wjere he is, he will destroy the US faster then any other.

more bullshit 25.Jun.2003 17:48

under the rose

Last time:


JUDITH MILLER The New York Times
April 21, 2003

"The next morning, MET Alpha weapons experts found the scientist at home, along with some documents from the program and samples he had buried in his backyard and at other sites."

This time:

"'It begins to tell us how huge our job is,' [David] Kay said. 'Remember, his material was buried in a barrel behind his house in a rose garden. There's no way that that would have been discovered by normal international inspections. I couldn't have done it. My successors couldn't have done it.'"

Say... Dave... I'm just guessing here, but do you see any kind of pattern forming as to where to look? (Hint: Iraqi scientists' own backyards, maybe?).

Let me guess some more, the reason the April 21 materials aren't presently counted as significant evidence of WMD might turn out to be because they've been buried about as long and have long outlived their shelf life? And let me guess that maybe the reason you refuse to put 2 and 2 together to see the pattern forming here is because that anything you would dig up in obvious places, is likely to only be evidence that Iraq's weapons programs were dead and buried a long time ago, maybe?

Granted I'm just guessing here... but there's one other pattern I see forming, which is the Pentagon and Bush adminstration will dodge, weasel, sound the false alarm for WMD finds until a staggering percentage of Americans not think they have been found, but think they were actually used in the war, and lie, lie, lie...

Okay Folks, Pay Attention . . . 25.Jun.2003 19:27


Okay folks. Pay attention. This... [Picture 1, below left] ... is what the US Government says is a gas centrifuge used for processing nuclear fuel for reactors and warheads. It was found buried under a rosebush in Iraq, supposedly for 12 years.

And THIS... [Picture 2, below center]
Is an actual complete gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres. Doesn't look like something you could actually bury under a rose bush, does it?

There is a good reason for the size.

It takes HUNDREDS of gas centrifuges--[Picture 3, below right], to produce even miniscule amounts of uranium 238. Facilities for producing uranium 238 for power reactors or weapons are therefore huge. A single gas centrifuge is useless except for laboratory experiments involving microscopic amounts of materials.

1.  parts of gas centrifuge (supposedly found buried under a rosebush in Iraq)
1. parts of gas centrifuge (supposedly found buried under a rosebush in Iraq)
2. gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres
2. gas centrifuge facility in the United States, covering 750 acres
3.  array of gas centrifuges
3. array of gas centrifuges

Gas Centrifuge Plants 25.Jun.2003 19:51


Yea, boy we sure are great at finding things. You do of course realize that it takes HUNDREDS of those to enrich ANY useful amounts of uranium? Don't you think we would find more than one cylinder? We have gas centrifuge plants they are usually a little bigger than that object found; usually averaging about 800 acres in size.

Some info on centrifuge plants

Also, I'm sure we'll find out it was a "Beams-type" centrifuge, most likely from their failed program in the late 80's.
Look into it!



danger 25.Jun.2003 21:29


I hope my uncle doesn't fix up that old Camaro muscle car he has had in his back yard for years. It could endanger more people with its potential horsepower and rusted frame than these trinkets found in Iraq.

Oh Bush! 26.Jun.2003 02:33


It is pretty sad when I can create bigger bombs out of household items than Bush can dig up in Iraq. I don't care all that much who our next president is, as long as he isn't a liar and a hypocrit like Bush.

exactly. 26.Jun.2003 08:08

this thing here

pieces of dirt covered, probably rusted milled metal do not and cannot represent a threat. nor can they split atoms and release tremendous energy, killing millions of people. only nuclear WEAPONS can. if these pieces of metal are supposed to represent a basis for war, then we're all fucked and the earth is a circus of the insane...

Is the Question Whether they had them? 26.Jun.2003 22:43

Keepin the Lies Straight!

Remember the question was the immediate threat that Iraq posed, no the WMD's... Then they became the excuse. He may have them hidden if he had them, still it didn't change the fact that he was no immediate threat to the United States. Clearly our gov't didn't once worry about the welfare of the Iraqi people.