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Statement From Red Red

Many of you may know Red Red, she is a portland activist that is currently incarcerated in Sacto on felony charges related to the WTO protest!
This is a statement by Red Red, 6/24/03 (as transcribed by the Sac Legal Collective) I want to say thank you so very much to the people who came out today in solidarity during my court appearance. When my lawyer Doug told me about people chanting, "Free Red Red," my heart swelled and you all should know that you shut down Sacramento county jail for two hours. We were locked down and no ones court case was able to be heard. I was in a cell with five women who might get their freedom because time ran out on their arraignment. They send their love.

My charges were also dropped. Unfortunately, the Sacramento police are determined to nail me and I was re-arrested before I even left my cell. The courts have nothing but the pigs want blood. But with the support of my comrades and lawyers they will only get a headache. I hope we can shut it down tomorrow at my second court appearance. I came here to shut down a meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture because I will not tolerate the marriage of a flawed government and corrupt business. Genetically modified organisms, deadly pesticides, starvation: these are all symptoms of a larger disease that is killing the people. This disease is capitalism: profit before people, blind exploitation to fatten the pockets of the rich. I came here to disrupt the cushy lives of those who have taken the power away from the people. Those who are a part of the system, hell bent on squeezing the life from the people, keeping us so oppressed until tired that we stop fighting. But Sunday I saw they cannot hold us down. I saw thousands of my brothers and sisters sing with one voice. No More! I have heard of the police repression my comrades have suffered in the last few days. I am angry, but not surprised. When the state sees the people being free, they will try and squash it. In solidarity, Red Red
SMASH! 25.Jun.2003 19:14


fuckoff '.'!! you are nothing!! fuck the police!!

resist resist resist!

word late wednesday nite 25.Jun.2003 23:23


RedRed is due to be released tonight by 11:30pm. We raised $500 for her bail
but she was released on her own recognicence. So the money will go toward
her legal fees. Her charges have NOT been dropped and her court date is

RedRed out!!! 26.Jun.2003 14:46


She is out of jail but not out of woods quite yet. Her court date is tomorrow. I'm not sure what time.

clarification: toward fines, not attorney fees 26.Jun.2003 14:55

a member of Sac legal collective

Hi folks,

I am the legal collective volunteer guy who worked the graveyard shift throughout the convergence (the one who fit 11 people into his little gas-electric hybrid car). I spoke with Red Red when she called from the main jail around 3 am the morning after her arrest, a couple hours after she was told her charges were upgraded to a felony and she was taken from her cell with the other demonstrators to the main jail downtown. We spoke for a while, and she didn't say anything about her wrist being hurt, so I think the popping sound that had everybody worried about a broken bone was probably the same sort of sound that you get from cracking your knuckles. I hope so, at least.

I just wanted to clarify one ambiguity: the money raised for her bail will not be spent on "legal fees" in the sense of going toward attorney fees. Instead, the money is being set aside in case she has fines to pay to the government. All of the legal collective members, and the attorneys who helped out by representing arrestees, were all working on a volunteer basis -- none of us expected any payment or anything for our services, but instead, we were just doing our work because we believe in mutual aid and solidarity.

Thanks to everyone who took to the streets in Sacramento!

hola portland 26.Jun.2003 15:35


hi just a quick message that I am out and enjoying the california sun!! I am very anxious to be outta this town!! Hopfully my day incourt tomarrow will go over well. Acording to my lawyers things could go rather well or I coudl get royally fucked, so I can only stay positive and absorb the sunshine. It might be a long while before I see it again.
love and anarchy