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National HIV Testing Day - Free Testing

So, HIV/AIDS isn't the concern these days like it was the decade past, but
it's still there, and it still kills. Do everyone a favor and get tested if
you haven't been. Tell your friends about this free event and encourage them
to get tested.
Friday, June 27 is National HIV Testing Day and PPCW is participating
by providing _Free HIV Tests_ at all 6 of our Oregon Health Centers.
Testing is confidential and will be done on a first-come, first-served
basis. For more information about National HIV Test Day visit
 http://www.hivtest.org/. For Planned Parenthood health center
and hours visit  http://www.ppcw.org.
Southwest Oregon 25.Jun.2003 13:12


National HIV Testing Day clinics will be held in Curry County on June 27th at the Curry County Health Departments in Brookings (425 Mill Beach Rd.) from 3-6 PM and in Gold Beach (94235 Mill Beach Rd) from 7 - 9 PM. Testing is confidential and anonymous so there's no reason not to...

*HIV=AIDS=DEATH* is false 25.Jun.2003 13:51


How the SF Chronicle invented AIDS;

Sex And HIV: Behaviour-Change Trial Study Shows No Link;

"AIDS is a cruel deception that is maintained because so many people are making money from it. Take away this money and the entire system of mythology will collapse."
-- Charles Thomas, PhD, former chair of Cell Biology department, Scripps Research Institute

What have we been told about HIV & AIDS?

The orthodox view on AIDS holds that it is caused by the virus known as HIV that is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. Once infected, a person will remain well for a time, though infectious to others, before going on to develop AIDS and dying. Despite huge sums of money spent on medical research, there is still no cure, just drug therapies said to slow the progression of the disease, and regular T cell counts to measure health. A whole industry has evolved around AIDS, on which many careers and businesses depend, but which offers little hope to those affected. It works on the premise that HIV=AIDS=DEATH.

HEAL asks you to consider the following:

What have the HIV "experts" been telling us?

We are told that HIV causes AIDS.
However, many scientists assert that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.
The vast majority of people worldwide who are reported as "HIV positive" remain healthy. Also, within the AIDS risk groups, AIDS conditions may be common even in people who test HIV negative. The official "latency period" (how long it takes HIV+ people to get sick) has been stretched to 15 or more years because people labeled "HIV+" are surviving. People who test HIV positive, including AIDS patients, have no active HIV infections by standard methods of measurement. So-called viral load tests were invented by HIV researchers to try to explain why only vanishingly small quantities, if any virus, could be found. The methods used to "isolate" and detect HIV are so indirect that they may not even measure the presence of a virus. Does HIV exist? These are just a few of the reasons why we need to look beyond HIV in order to overcome AIDS."So why are people getting sick?" The epidemic of AIDS follows a dramatic worldwide increase of immunological stressors: chemical, physical, biological, mental and nutritional. People diagnosed with "AIDS" may be sick due to factors such as one or more of the following:

* misdiagnosis and mistreatment of at least 29 illnesses due to being labeled HIV. (The validity of HIV tests is challenged.)
* toxic chemotherapy with "anti-HIV" pharmaceuticals such as AZT and protease inhibitors
* direct or indirect effects of recreational drug consumption
* multiple infections, STD's and resulting over consumption of antibiotics
* foreign protein mediated immunodeficiency due to hemophilia clotting factor therapy and multiple blood transfusions
* chronic malnutrition
* severely impoverished living conditions
* psychosomatic terror brought on by a HIV positive diagnosis

In fact, HIV may be entirely harmless
- and treatments for it worse than useless.

* We are told by the AIDS establishment that toxic drugs like AZT, DDI, DDC, and protease inhibitors aimed at eradicating HIV are valid and effective treatments.

Pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat HIV infections may be the cause of many AIDS defining illnesses. Many of the "side-effects" of the current antiviral combination therapies are indistinguishable from the symptoms of AIDS.

* We are told that there are now less AIDS deaths thanks to the new protease inhibitor "cocktail" therapies.

The statistics show that AIDS cases were on the decline long before the protease inhibitors were available. Due to the 1993 change of the AIDS definition (U.S.) more than half the current AIDS cases have no illness at all.

* We are told that "everyone is at risk for HIV and AIDS."

At least 90% of people with AIDS are still from the original risk groups: gay men, IV drug users, hemophiliacs and transfusion recipients. If AIDS was a contagious disease it could not remain almost entirely within the risk groups.

* We are told that HIV antibody testing is virtually 100% accurate.

There are at least 8 official standards for "interpreting" the "HIV test" around the world. Your test result can be interpreted as negative OR positive depending on where you live or if you are in a "risk group" or not. There are also 60 conditions unrelated to HIV that can cause a a person to test false positive on an "HIV test."

And the list of facts that don't fit the HIV theory goes on and on...
Public officials, medical scientists, and social activists have accepted the infectious HIV/AIDS model without properly scrutinizing it and dismissed alternative models without properly considering them.

Is the conventional view and treatment of AIDS the answer or part of the problem?
"HIV=AIDS=DEATH" is false.

Here is a collection of links to several excellent sites,
many of which have links to other similar sites:


"I have a large population of HIV+ patients who have chosen not to take any anti-viral drugs. They've watched all of their friends go on the anti-viral bandwagon and die."
-- Dr. Donald Abrams: Prof. of Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital

Court rules HIV not proven to cause *AIDS* 25.Jun.2003 14:25


The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson

The United Nations Centre for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva
8-14 Avenue de la Paix
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

To all Heads of Government and all Heads of State

To all NGOs

Legal proceedings against the "Deutscher Bundestag", the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany: Because of the intentional continuation of acts of killing and manslaughter (§ 220a StGB Germany) by the German Parliament.

During the last six years proofs have been collected for the following actions that have taken place inside Germany:

The State intentionally is using non-valid tests to persuade healthy persons to take a deadly long-term medication. The persons, being healthy before being tested die during the long-term-medication. The German Parliament, since years intentionally is securing that this crime continues.

Course of Events on January 15th 2001 at the District Court (Landgericht) of Dortmund:

Judge Hackmann announced the statement of the "Bundesgesundheitsbehörde", the Federal German Health Authorities, which says that in connection with AIDS there has never been isolated a virus (Dr. Marcus, Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) Berlin). The judge figured out that the German Bundestag had been backing the lie of the Federal Health Authorities (RKI, Dr. Marcus, 9.3.95) about a successful isolation of a virus in connection with AIDS in the course of a petition (Art. 17, Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pet. 5-13-15-2002-010526).

The trial was based on actions of the defendant which were caused by the misleading statement made by the RKI (Dr. Marcus) on the 9th March 1995, that there were photographs of the isolated HI-virus inside the publications of Montagnier (1983) and Gallo (1984). The judge proved the untruthfulness of this statement using Dr. Marcus' statement itself. The court imposed a suspended sentence of 8 months of jail because of attempted coercion of the authorities to adhere and act according to law and order.

The document of the German Bundestag DS 12/8591 holds proof that the Bundestag had already known in 1994 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor Gallo (1984) had isolated any virus in connection with AIDS. Based on this the Bundestag safeguarded the persistent lie of the AIDS information campaign (RKI) from 9th March 1995 about the successful isolation of a virus in connection with AIDS. As a consequence of non-tolerating this lie and because of non-tolerating the deadly consequences of this lie, the trial took place on 15th January 2001.

It is impossible - as far as laboratory conditions are concerned - to develop a valid Virus-antibody-test, if the virus has not been isolated before. Every layman understands that an individual proof for an infection with a virus is impossible, if the existence of the virus has never been generally proven. This knowledge of the German health authorities, that the tests are not validated, can be proven via the authorities' documents themselves. The error concerning the test's validity is spread and supported by the authorities - against better knowledge.

With two more petitions the Bundestag safeguarded the default of the responsible authorities, not to carry out the law (§63 AMG, Stufenplan II), to do studies and observations to protect persons taking the AIDS-Medicine, the chemotherapy AZT (Pet. 5-13-15-2002-058744 and Pet. 5-13-15-212-023567a).

The health authorities and the Bundestag know that there will be no test method to prove an HIV-Infection, as long as HIV has not been isolated. And there is no doubt that AZT - as well as the HIV-medications in general - are deadly themselves when used as long-term-medication.

In the course of the proceedings of the petitions the Bundestag created an apparent peace of law - by means of deliberately untruthful statements. President of the German Parliament Wolfgang Thierse regards untruthful behaviour of this kind (as shown by the Bundestag) as being justified by the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court). A videotape documenting an interview (28th June 1995) shows that his predecessor in office, Prof. Rita Süssmuth did know, that there had never been any proofs for a virus in connection with AIDS and that there are no proofs for the claims of infectivitiy.

Still pending in the Bundestag is the petition Pet. 2-14-15-212-02608. It is lodging a complaint against the legal authorities, which stayed passive after getting the attention of the proofs for these act of killings. Enclosed with the complaint were so many proofs, which had made it necessary for the Bundestag to take actions right after perusal, to stop the continuation of these acts of killings by the state. Within the last six months every single member of the German Bundestag was informed six times via mail about these acts of killing by the state.

The intention of the German Bundestag to safeguard killings by the state after gaining insight into the facts must be regarded as proven, especially because of the fact that several petitions were rejected by means of untruthful statements. The German Bundestag and every individual member of the Bundestag intentionally safeguards acts of killings by the state by deliberately misleading the public. Healthy people are intentionally lead into a deadly medication via tests with invalid results - and then die.

The criminal law of the BRD and especially § 220a StGB (Genocide) protects citizens from act of killings organised by a state which is deliberately misleading the public. It also protects the citizens binding the legal authorities to take actions after perusal. The prosecuting attorneys attended the trial on 15th January 2001 at the Landgericht Dortmund and learned about the facts - in front of the public. Their passivity afterwards serves as a further proof for their further intention in this matter. (LG Dortmund, Ns 70 Js 878/99 14(XVII) K 11/00)

Karl Krafeld and Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dortmund and Stuttgart, 14.3.2001

Science, Medicine and Human Rights (Wissenschaft, Medizin und Menschenrechte e.V.), Germany
Albrechtstr. 17, D-44137 Dortmund, 0711 2220601,  Lanka@free.de

A forum;

Still... 25.Jun.2003 14:35


get yourself tested. Gringo might have the vague shadow of a intelligible point, but the relationship between HIV and AIDS is far from casual. Until more is known about the exact mechanisms of the latency period, the infectivity of individuals with differing viral loads, and the effect of environmental stimuli on HIV/AIDS progression, it's better to be SAFE than DEAD. Besides, it's free.

Thanks for the uninformed fear, Jimmy.... 25.Jun.2003 15:10


...but you are still operating on a completely false premise. Visit the links I provided and think for yourself. If you get tested for a bugaboo which doesn't exist, and then start taking toxic AZT or other killer antivirals, THEN YOU *WILL* BE DEAD. If you know someone slowly killing themselves with such "therapies" then hip them to the info provided above. It might look like a scary big bunch of words, but operating under a suicidally wrong premise will not help. I know people who have had several false positives before repeatedly testing negative. The HIV test is almost useless.

"I think zidovudine [AZT] was never really evaluated properly and that its efficacy has never been proved, but it's toxicity certainly is important. And I think it has killed a lot of people. Especially at the high doses. I personally think it not worth using alone or in combination at all."
-- Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, UK Cochrane Centre, Oxford
(Continuum Oct. 2000)

"In defending the purchased consensus, HIV researchers use statistical methodologies shown by their inventors to be invalid and conduct experiments without any controls. They take causes for effects, correlations for causations, and constants for variables. Most important, they haven't stopped AIDS. What they have done successfully is instilled fear into human sexual relations -- an amorphous fear, which most AIDS professionals as well as journalists argue has been valuable."
-- Dr. Dave Rasnick, Biochemist, visiting scientist University of California at Berkeley
(Talk Napoli, Italy, April 2001)