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Sacramento Ministerial: Call the City Manager to Complain About Police Misconduct

The City Manager is responsible for the police. Consider calling to complain about police misconduct that you have heard about or experienced for the benefit of residents and people that have been arrested or assaulted.
Anyone with complaints about police misconduct should call the City Manager's office at (916) 808-5704.

I called this morning, and objected to numerous things, some of which I personally experienced and many that I did not.

Specifically, I mentioned:

--the excessive number of police in the downtown area

--the threatened use of chemical agents upon any group of people deemed unlawful who failed to immediately disperse

--the ubiquitous videotaping of people, especially during the marches, with no idea as to how the tapes will be used

--the use of force against non-violent protesters at 12th and K yesterday, includng tasers, when the police clearly have enough people to deal with any civil disobedience

--the closing of the parks, which forced people out into the street, which they were continually surveilled by the police

--the targeting of observers and indymedia people for arrest

--the brandishing of weapons capable of firing rubber bullets and "chemical agents" during the march and other times

In other words, I objected to the overall effort to intimidate people to discourage them from protesting the event.

If you personally experienced some or all of these things, please consider calling the City Manager at (916) 808-5704.

A nice young woman patiently took notes on my comments, so I would suggest being low-key, patient and factual with her if you call. Anger and belligerence will probably result in your comments being downplayed or disregarded, and, anyway, she's not responsible.

She told me that the comments would be turned over to the appointed Police Review commissioner as a complaint.

For many of us from outside the area, you might not consider this significant, or believe, that "they are not going to do anything, anyway." Perhaps so.

But remember, I, and many others live here, so your complaints might put some pressure on the Police Department to restrain themselves a little. We'd appreciate that.

Also, documenting what occurred here is important, because there will undoubtedly be protests here in the future, and your complaints, and the information unearthed during an investigation, could help future litigants. Indeed, they could help anyone arrested or mistreated by the police in the last few days who decides to sue.

--Richard Estes