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Lyman Faris: Citizen - Enemy Combatant -FBI Informant

As an Ohioan and as a citizen I am concerned with this case. This man is a citizen and regardless of what you may think of him and his alleged crimes he deserves all guaranteed constitutional considerations.
I haven't put the link up yet, however, our local paper says Lyman was institutionalized for hearing voices. With all the lies that led to the war with Iraq, the cover-up of 9/11 facts, how can one believe this latest attempt by the Bush/Ashcroft mob?

he'll huff, and he'll puff, and... 25.Jun.2003 01:45

noses a mile long

"how can one believe this latest attempt by the Bush/Ashcroft mob?"

I wouldn't figure you could. How's their track record for honesty, to start with? But if Faris had plotted to take down the Empire State Building with a toothpick, I'm sure he'd be in as much trouble and Ashcroft would be patting his own fascist fanny... ahem, I mean, crediting the Patriot Act... just as much for preventing something that was admittedly most unlikely to happen in the first place.

Maybe I could believe Faris' distant relative got him a cushy job with Bin Laden getting paid to do nothing but keep saying "the weather is too hot" down the phone -- when was the forecast ever expected to be cool weather, and why turn down free money? -- but even that would be irrelevent.

What I simply cannot believe is that the evil engineering genuises who allegedly laboriously calculated how to virtually collapse the WTC towers with a pair of planes, would send anyone after the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch to begin with.

If I'm supposed to believe that, it's much more likely that it's Ashcroft who hears voices, even if he's able to work virtual wonders with plea bargaining, such as possibly the case in point...

a 26.Jun.2003 16:06



Faris Target of NSA illegal eavesdropping 24.Dec.2005 04:30

Litz Litzz11@yahoo.com

I just read in a Salon.com article (subscription only) that Lyman Faris was a target of the NSA's illegal eavesdropping. That means whatever "evidence" the government has against him related to his alleged crimes was obtained illegally! Does anyone know any more about this case?