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Collaboration between portland and biotech imc's

In an effort to promote the biotech imc some important new functionality has been added to portland indymedia. All posts to portland indymedia in either the genetic engineering topic or the sacramento ministerial action will automatically be reposted on the biotech imc site. Expect posts to be transferred within 15-45 minutes (should be much closer to 15 minutes except under heavy posting traffic).
In addition, the backlog of stories posted to portland (in the genetic engineering topic and sacramento ministerial action) have been transferred to biotech. More will be added as the portland site continues its efforts to categorize old content. Please take note that at this time this is only a one directional transfer so if an individual has an interest in posting to both sites they should post to portland. Posting only on biotech will mean the story will only be on biotech; posting on both sites will lead to 2 stories on biotech. Also, comments are not transferred and while the biotech story will have a link back to the originating portland story, the portland story will not have a link to the biotech story (at least at this time). Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

you folks kick some tech ass! 24.Jun.2003 17:14

agent humble

keep up the great work. great to see the biotech industry getting these kind of body blows. kudos to everyone who worked on the sac mobilization.