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The Anti-Bush Campaign Kicks Off

This protest had some nice signs, but it's sad that the same number of people in NYC protested Bush as in Portland, and with nothing near the energy you guys showed. I followed the coverage of the Portland Bush protest from the police scanner and portland imc, the radio link, and it was amazing. I know that there were some courageous acts shown in NYC in the later direct actions as the war started, but this seems pathetic, in comparison. The Sacramento situation is even far better in terms of confrontation. Down here in the Bay Area, orgs like Global Ex turn potentially explosive demos into theatrical affairs to make poeple laugh, and little is accomplished in terms of the message except that it was some good hearted fringe lefties making some noise. Just how everyone likes it to be - a human interest story.
Published on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 by the Village Voice
The Anti-Bush Campaign Kicks Off
by Sarah Ferguson

In what looked like a mini dress rehearsal for the cacophony of dissent that's expected to hit the streets of New York City during next summer's GOP convention, nearly 3,000 demonstrators protested on Seventh Avenue to protest President Bush as he presided over a $2,000-a-plate fundraiser inside midtown's Sheraton Hotel on Monday. Vowing to deliver Bush a hearty unwelcome, the demonstrators clamored inside the metal pens that police had strung up along the west side of Seventh Avenue between 49th and 54th streets, denouncing everything from the war in Iraq and tax cuts for the rich to the Bush administration's heavy-fisted assaults on abortion, immigrants, and civil rights.