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Do you have a video of my arrest on 6/23 at the Capitol

I need help to dismiss my unlawful arrest any video would help.
I was arrested and assalted by many cops at about 3PM on 6/23 and I need video to me out. the arrest happened when cops surrounded a group of people sitting in a circle, then the people surrounded the cops, then I was beaten and arrested by police departments without giving any reason for my arrest. When I asked again why I was being arrested four or so cops tackled me in a remote area of the park and dug their knees into the back of my face. (It broke my glasses). I am a 21 yr old male and was wearing a grey shirt, green shorts, sandals, a blue bandana, and I had a green purse type bag on. If you have any info please reply and hepl me clear my name.
video of cops gone wild 24.Jun.2003 16:58

brad partytownradio@yahoo.com

i got a lot of the arrest on video

corporate media was there too , tiny bit made tv monday night.

happy to help

mean cops  Vs friendly folks and farmers
mean cops Vs friendly folks and farmers

contact PDX IMC video collective 24.Jun.2003 17:02

johannes Ikovit

We have footage of this, contact someone and we can arrange to get you a copy. The legal team will also have this footage or access to it.

how to contact the pdx indy video collective.. 24.Jun.2003 18:16


well, if you're in portland, you could come to the next video showings...

Monday June 30 at It's A Beautiful Pizza SE 34th and Belmont

Wednesday July 2 at The Know, 2022 NE Alberta.

Both shows start at 7 pm.