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a poem...

vote in 2004/
even the score.../

Gore 50,999,897, Bush 50,456,002.../
re-defeat Bush!/

spend my tax dollars on your f--kin' war?/
not anymore!/

Bush lied, thousands died.../
reclaim American Democracy.../
war 4 profit is murder 4 money!/

if you are Democrat, Civil Libertarian, Independent, Reform, or Green.../
then know what I mean.../

we must unify our voting power in the 2004 Presidential election.../
and a Democrat right now is our only realistic chance 2 change present American political misdirection/

whether Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Bob Graham, Dick Gephardt, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, Carol Moseley Braun, or Howard Dean.../

anyone of them is better than Skull & Bones Bush and his cabinet of the ethically obscene!/


a short poem from the author of...

THE SUN ASCENSION, by Seth David King
ISBN 1-55395-561-7; $19.50 US/$28.95 CDN, paperback; 190 pages

Striking. Illuminating. Poetic. Political. Spiritual.

"I'm here to love like Mahatma Gandhi...
And fight like Muhammad Ali...
I come to stand up for human rights...
And demand to be free!"

Available online via...  http://www.trafford.com/robots/02-1277.html

Vote in the MoveOn.org primary...

homepage: homepage: http://www.up4peace.com

Be aware of rigged elections 24.Jun.2003 16:18


If you should be working on elections issues/campaign, make sure the election is not fixed ahead of time. If not you, at least designate someone to verify the elections are sound.
One source for looking into rigged elections in the U.S. is Votescam by the Collier brothers from ten years ago.
The website:
In 1972, Kenneth F. Collier ran against long-time incumbent Claude Pepper (D-FL) and found evidence of a rigged election.
Years later, James M. Collier advised staying away from the elections, a boycott. I wouldn't suggest that just in case the election isn't rigged and your vote is actually counted.
Realize that your efforts in an election could mean nothing if the vote count is tabulated in advance.