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Sun-n-Success in Sac-Town!

Lively afternoon of streaming marches through the downtown center.
The temperatures are a risin' here in Sacramento, home of the psudo WTO biotech-foods meeting, but so are the voices of the people in the streets! This was a lively afternoon with many people (several hundred) snaking throughout the downtown center.

Various sites were visited such as the convention center, the I-Max film theatre, many corporate business facades, and to top it off... The jail! This is the citie's main jail where several people from this morning and the preceeding days have been locked up.

The jail was circled several times by the vocally excited marchers. There was a very heavy police presence following the marchers at all times closing off numerous intersections and simultaneously trying to block/re-route the marchers. Tons of moto, bike, horse and even militaristic "in-step" marching cops as far as the eye could see. Earlier in the march an Indymedia videographer was pulled from the crowd as he filmed the cops and quickly taken away. Unsure at this moment who the videographer is.

After the crowd made their silidarity well known with the hundreds of spectators in front of the jail, Food Not Bombs passed out some yummy treats for all to enjoy! A feast was had and no major problems with cops occured at this time.

Finall the marchers decided to go back to the convergence welcoming center with high spirits waving, chanting and merry-making all the way home. The procession coming back was heavily followed by cops but were given a loud and joyous welcoming by those at the center upon completing the march.

A busy day of fun in the sun!