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This article will be updated to contain an archive of breaking news from sacramento posted to http://www.biotechimc.org for events beginning on tuesday, june 24th (day 4 of actions). Previous archives of breaking news can be found here: day 3 (monday), day 2 (sunday).

24-06-2003 21:08: Word from red red from inside the jail
A friend of red red's visited her in jail today. She is in pretty high spirits, considering. Her biggest complaint is the lack of vegan food; she is quite hungry. Meal times are also strangely spaced: breakfast at 3 in the morning, lunch at 10 or 11 and dinner at 4. ugh.

When the rally happened today, the jail got shut down and everyone had to go to their cells. She was really really happy about the rally.
she suspects that's why they dropped her charges, so another rally would be great.

If she gets $500 for bail she's out, so her friends might try to raise it.

24-06-2003 19:01: Lawyers working on getting red red out
Lawyers are working hard to get red red out of jail as soon as possible. Her case is by no means forgotten. More updates will appear here as soon as they are available.

24-06-2003 18:59: Update on our four comrades arrested at Community Garden and still not released
According to their legal counsel, the four arrestees from the Community Garden lock-down on Sunday night were arraigned before a judge today. Three of them have been cited but not released. The fourth has still given no information so has not yet been cited.

24-06-2003 18:34: Police fail in attempt to surround activists
Motorcycle and bicycle cops attempted to surround a small group of activists a block away from the Welcome Center, and failed. Like angry bees, they buzzed up to the intersection of 12th and C and then left. Cheers went up in the Welcome Center parking lot, and calls of "Fuck the Pigs!" ...
24-06-2003 18:04: Stand-off continues at Ron Mandella Garden
A caller to Sacramento Resistance Radio reports that activists have been told to leave the parking lot because it is state property and is reserved for "special vehicles". "I guess we're not special vehicles," the caller said, with sarcastic resignation. ...
24-06-2003 17:27: Red Red Re-arrested
the police are fucking nuts! As a response to Red Red's charges being dropped, the police re-arrested her, so they could keep her longer and make up new bogus charges...
24-06-2003 17:25: 15th & Q - SWAT teams swarm gardeners
Swat teams are amassing and are surrounding people who value community and like gardening. There has been a call to disperse issued by police. It doesn't look like there are enough people to hold their position.

People are linking arms. Police are announcing that if people get in the park, it's private park, and they'll be arrested. People have been doing a good job at not getting boxed in and are still drumming and practicing the art of resistance.

If you can, please go to 15th & Q to support, observe or record. ]

24-06-2003 17:09: 14th & O ! Activists need media presence!
About 100 activists trying to save the Ron Mandella Community Garden have taken their struggle to the owners of the garden. They are being surrounded by police! They need your support! Especially cameras at 14th & O !! [ Trying to save community via the garden | savethegarden.org ]
24-06-2003 17:07: First activist has been removed at U-C Davis lock-down
The activist has been loaded into a police cruiser. All sorts of cutting devices have been seen. Activists are happy about the education opportunities they are having with the campus staff and students about the dangers of GE trees, and are vowing to stop this desecration of nature and perversion of science.
24-06-2003 17:04: Police refusing anyone to observe the removal of locked-down activists at U-C Davis sculpture
Lt. Hartley is refusing to let any observers to watch the activists be removed from the sculpture by the fire department. In fact, besides pushing people back, authorities have erected a screen to block the view. Officers had at first accepted offer from sculpture sitters to come down and be let free, but rescinded it. This choice by the police will certainly cost the City of Davis and the University much more money than if they had kept with their original, reasonable agreement. What are the police planning that they must block the public's view?
24-06-2003 16:31: Fire Department to remove sculpture-sitters?
Police refused to allow the legal representative to stay inside, and threatened use of chemical weapons. The two activists hanging in the sculpture offered to come down if they could walk away, and though one officer said that was okay, it now appears that the Fire Department is going to forcibly remove them.
24-06-2003 16:24: Riot cops at the U-C Davis lock-down
Police have cleared the Life Sciences building of most of the people who were inside supporting (including medical and legal), and have pushed everyone back from it. Nine riot police have arrived and have assaulted at least one observer. One of them is videotaping. Some of their names are: Dunn, Wilson, Hogan and Murphy..?
24-06-2003 16:09: Sworn to intimidate and deter...
At 16 & P there appear to be 4 CA hwy patrol carriers with about 30 hwy patrol people ready to intimidate and deter the activists at the community garden. .?
24-06-2003 15:50: Large police presence menaces community garden
There is an action to save the Ron Mandella Community garden at 15th & Q. Stormtroopers have descended and are trying to lock the area down. Please try to get there to provide legal, media and moral support for the people trying to save this invaluable, organic commmunity resource.?
24-06-2003 15:41: Woman arrested at 13th & J
A black woman not officially affiliated with the protest was arrested on 13th & J. If you're calling the DA's office to inquire about the other 13 prisoners, please ask about the woman arrested at around 3pm on 13th and J. Supportive bystanders are as important as those who march. DA: 916-874-6218 (wait for female to speak, when male speaks press 2, then 0. Talk to Jan Scully.) RELEASE ALL PROTESTORS * NO CHARGES * NO FINES * NON PROBATION.?
24-06-2003 15:40: Police surrounding Washington Community Center?
An unconfirmed report states that police have surrounded the center at 16th & D. Repeat, this report is unconfirmed.?
24-06-2003 15:13: Three activists locked down to a sculpture at U-C Davis
...to protest genetic engineering. The action is happening outside the University's Life Science's Building.?
24-06-2003 14:25: Cops leading protesters to Welcome Center
...from the courthouse. ETA 15 min.?
An exuberant crowd is greeting redred, the Portland activist who had an arraignment today for felony charges. Her lawyer has confirmed that the charges are dropped. Nice to read good news here sometimes, isn't it?
24-06-2003 13:53: Action coming up at International Paper...
...specifics are not public yet. Stay tuned for details.
24-06-2003 13:50: Food, drums and dancing at the Courthouse
Food Not Bombs is at the Courthouse. The protester-to-police ratio is about 1-to-1+. It's a great scene and people are having a great time.
24-06-2003 13:11: "Hundreds of cops" at courthouse
According to an IMC reporter, there are "hundreds of cops" at the courthouse where 200 supporters have converged to show solidarity and support for redred, the Portland activist who's arraignment is inside.
24-06-2003 13:09: Activists being prevented from entering courthouse for arraignment solidarity
Activists have arrived at the Courthouse to show solidarity with our comrade who has her felony arraignment today. However, in complete defiance of the law, none of them are being allowed to enter to witness her public hearing.
24-06-2003 13:02: Update from Arraignment Solidarity Action
7th & I: Protesters are marching down 7th from I to H. Lots of people are watching. Bicycle cops are escorting people on sidewalks. The protesters are chanting in support of our jailed comrade. Folks are needed to come down and join. [Food Not Bombs will be serving there!]
24-06-2003 12:22: Massive amout of riot cops mobilizing at Convention Center
...in parking area just south of it.
24-06-2003 12:21: Arrests near Convention Center
Word from someone who just came in off the street: There's at least 4 people being arrested in front of the Convention Center at 15th & J. No one is there, though. There's only about 25 people in the area but they're around the corner and being penned in by officers in full riot gear. Not a great situation for our people there.
24-06-2003 12:01: Activists converging at 15th and F
...according to Sacramento Resistance Radio, because "we can't let them beat us down". Hell yeah.
24-06-2003 11:59: Police grabbing people and tasering them at 14th & J
An indymedia videographer just back from the streets reports that police are grabbing people, throwing them to the ground, and tasering them. This is what democracy looks like.
24-06-2003 11:41: Police Presence at Safeway where GE Foods protest is planned
K & Al Hambra: First person account: "A guy in a purple shirt came up to me and asked me if I was there for the protest. I said, no. Then I saw him talking to the police. I think he was an undercover. There was a cop SUV and an ambulance in the parking lot and two cruisers approaching. Motorcyle cops are sitting at the corner of Folsom & Al Hambra nearby."
24-06-2003 11:24: "There's a lot of solidarity going on."
15th and J - Cops had surrounded protesters and were beating and tazing them, but they broke free and joined the other group to everyone's relief. Riot cops on bikes are pushing people onto the sidewalk, trying to push protesters out of the area. The mood had been festive, but after a group of 12 locked down in the insersection, they were surrounded, beaten, and tazed; but they have rejoined the other group to everyone's relief. There are a few hundred or so protesters still in the area, along with media and medics. One caller said that there are no confirmed reports of arrests, and another caller says that two people have been arrested.
24-06-2003 11:08: Unconfirmed tazing
There is an unconfirmed report that a person is being beaten and tazed by 4 cops.
24-06-2003 11:05: an intersection has been taken
people have taken the intersection at j and 14th. they are locked down, and police have given the order to disperse.
24-06-2003 10:51: Bike cops watching us closely
Bicycle cops are hanging around the Welcome Center, and one is in the alleyway beside us watching very closely.
24-06-2003 10:21: 19 Bike cops swing through Welcome Center parking lot
Like a Critical Mass gone horribly awry, a group of bicycle cops visited the Welcome Center a few minutes ago.
24-06-2003 09:27: Show solidarity for jailed demonstrators at 1:00 today
[ Details ]
24-06-2003 09:25: Street action announced for 10 a.m.
...at 13th & J. Spontaneous group action with space for direct action. (Fall-back position is 15th & N.)