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4th of July??

Just wondering
if anyone knows of any marches, protests, anti-Bush events, anything of note happening on the 4th. There's nothing on the calendar.
Celebrate the 4th in style... 24.Jun.2003 12:40

Impeach Mass Murderer Bush

Take a vacation in Canada!

heading out into the woods 24.Jun.2003 12:52


So I'm trying to come up with a way to get away from mislead Bushites over the 4th. Guess you could say that I'm officially boycotting the holiday because in my mind, the people of this country have nothing to be proud of at this present moment in history. Part of the corporate-government strategy...keep the privileged entertained, happy, and fed and you won't have any problem with a revolution. There's a Blues festival downtown complete with fireworks and U.S. flags EVERYWHERE. I encourage others to boycott this event as well as other corporate-government sponsored events celebrating the demise of democracy.

Some ideas for my boycott is to do some backpack camping with someone who feels as I do. Time to head for the hills.

Celebrate? 24.Jun.2003 14:27


What's to celebrate? Independence? If we hadn't gained independence long ago we would at least be a part of Britain, Or Spain, or France. Instead, we have to endure the burden of freedom at a level that is unattainable anywhere else in the world. Everything that is going on in this country is just so wrong.....maybe I will go to a country where government does everything the way I think they should. Or that does things the way every citizen wants them to. That country would be..............Hmmmmmmmmm.

Flag Burners Ball 24.Jun.2003 15:30

Cascadia Media Collective thecmc@efn.org

On Friday July 4th, Eugene's Cascadia Media Collective will host "The Flag Burners Ball" at Sam Bond's Garage on 3rd and Blair. From 9 to 11pm we'll be offering video (including fresh clips from Sacramento), news, music and performance (including the brilliant comedy of local singing satirist Scotty P), then from 11pm to close we'll be having a dance party. Admission is $5-$10 and you should come early so you'll be able to get in.

Flag Burners Ball....July 4th...Sam Bond's Garage....3rd&Blair/Eugene....9PM

"You can bring your patriotism...but don't expect to leave with it!"


Interesting perspective 24.Jun.2003 15:47


T...that is interesting. Based on my experiences with cops in peaceful protests, I see a military force that squelches any sort of dissent...something our forefathers did to gain independence. I see Muslim U.S. citizens locked up on circumstantial evidence very similar to the days of McCarthy. The freedom and independence that we fought for long ago came from dissent...the very thing that police, corporate media, the Bush administration, and Ashcroft are trying to squelch so they can achieve more power and more money.

An administration lies to billions of people and starts a U.S. invasion that spends hundreds of billions of dollars and kills thousands of people. Saddam's terror pales in comparison to the tyranny that Bush and Ashcroft (among others) have orchestrated in and outside the U.S.

Am I free to walk wherever I'd like peacefully? No. In a recent conversation I had with police, they told me point blank that they are ticketing peaceful protestors selectively. Jaywalkers are allowed to cross the street wherever, but a U.S. citizen doing this with a sign expressing dissent gets ticketed. This is reality and something the cops readily admit.

When I recently peacefully observed a police arrest in Pioneer Square, the cops told me to leave the square. I said (and accurately so) that I had a right to stand where I was. This isn't freedom.

Tell Mike Hawash, an innocent guy who hasn't been given due process in our justice system, that our country stands for independence and freedom, as he sits in a jail separated inhumanely from his wife and 3 children...all Oregon natives.

Independence and freedom? It's not here in the good old U.S. of A...unless you happen to be a rich white guy.

If it weren't for the fact that I want to see democracy revived in the states, I'd move to Canada in a heartbeat. Fortunately for you, I'm not going anywhere except for the woods for a day so I don't have to see a bunch of flag waving dillusional ignorant people who seem to love a President that lies through his/her teeth.

so is there anything for the 4th? 25.Jun.2003 21:43


flag burner's ball anyone?