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Update from sacto this morning-crazy shit!

A upto the minute update from this morning.
Breaking news!
At 10am this morning we converged at the convention center and waited for the crowd to arrive.
At first the numbers were dismal but as we waited more and more people started to trickle in.
I and several other people directed the crowd to stay in one spot so that the horrible numbers would seem larger.
As soon as I began doing this the police started activly watching me via two officers on the roof and a undercover behind me.
They aproached me at one point and I was singled out of the crowd and asked to step away. I complyed and was searched (without my consent) and questioned briefly.
The police left me but soon many,many more showed up in full riot gear on bikes,motercycles and paddywagons.
All told there were at least seven times as many police as us.-about 400.
Right before I left I saw the police completly encircle us and I was told by several people that I was about to be extracted by a snatch squad.
This seemed to be confirmed when officers began pointing to me and talking to their commanders.
I left as quickly as I could but it is scary when you are almosted arrested for nothing more than trying to direct a protest in a completly legal way.

Crazy 24.Jun.2003 13:45


You'd think that they'd lighten up some. They are acting like it is Area 51 or something.

solidarity 24.Jun.2003 13:50


hey cz,
be careful! is there anything you can think of that folks in pdx can do for those arrested, especially red red, or anything else you all could use from us?

What you can do? 24.Jun.2003 15:20


i dont know...
Throw us a party?!
Red reds charges got dropped....
thanx for the support...
be back soon-rock PDX!