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Beauty and fear mark Day 3 in Sacramento

Day 3 of the WTO Mobilization in Sacramento was a day filled with beauty and fear, marked by high energy, resistance, and police brutality and intimidation. Activists released from jail that morning from direct action the night before told their stories [ 1 | 2 ] and a call went out for solidarity with those still jailed [ 1 | 2 ]. Cops were everywhere.
Over 3000 people rallied and marched [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] around the Capitol building in the center of the city, protesting against biotechnology and the genetic engineering of lifeforms. Members of the crowd decked themselves out with colorful costumes, signs, and props creating what was described as a Mardi Gras spirit. Response by Sacramento citizens was mostly positive. Police were outfitted with riot gear and armed with rubber bullet guns and tasers, and lined the route like a solid wall, not letting anyone onto the sidewalk. As the march wound down, officers began dividing the crowd, and became violent against many individuals without provocation [ 1 | 2 ]. The people, however, were undaunted, and spirits remained high as cops who surrounded one group of activists were in turn surrounded by the crowd, which successfully unarrested the activists who had been trapped in the middle. The police violence escalated; reports came in of beatings, tasering, and blood on the street.

Over the course of the afternoon, groups of activists were harrassed and intimidated all over the city wherever they went. Central Sacramento was a police state. A few arrests occured as people slowly headed back to the Mobilization Welcome Center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony that was to occur as part of the WTO meetings was moved inside, to the delight of protesters. As darkness fell, word spread that police would be following any group of activists of 10 or more, and the Welcome Center began to feel under siege. All evening long and into the night, protesters walking home were detained, intimidated and in some cases arrested. Indymedia Biotech provided up-to-the-minute coverage. Helicopters with search lights buzzed the neighborhoods constantly as protesters eventually fell into fitful sleep.

That so many resources -- riot cops, bike cops, motorcycle cops, weapons, airplanes, and over time -- were spent on so few people speaks to the growing power of the anti-biotech and anti-corporate movements everywhere.

[ Photo overview Day 1-3 | SacMob, contro le biotecnologie del WTO (it) | Audio from March ]

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A Song for Sacramento 24.Jun.2003 10:57

the redcoat

(In D)

Do not plant your seeds in my garden
Do not plant your seeds in my garden
Do no plant your seeds in my garden
You cannot grow them there

Do not give your food to my children
Do not give your food to my children
Do not give your food to my children
You cannot feed them here

Do not spread your seeds in my world
Do not spread your seeds in my world
Do not spread your seeds in my world
They will not grow for you
They will not grow for you
They Will Not Grow For You.

Where they go we will follow 24.Jun.2003 13:34

forest being

Where ever they go, we will follow
We will chant
We will rage
We disrupt them
They are soul-less beings who have lost their way

They are the despised
the arrogant who chose to destroy life
where ever they go
We will not let them live quietyly, rudely, viciously
We will resist where ever they go

Italy, Canada, US, Cancun they will be hounded
to the end of their days
We will not forget the robber barons who
play god with the seeds, the water, the air
the species, the biosphere, the genetic code to our survival
There will be no peace for them

Where ever they go, we will follow
We are not afraid to live with their torture and lies and

We are afraid that we will die leaving them to rape the earth
Resistance is rising
Where ever they go, we will follow