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community building | homelessness


June 28th from 10 am till sundown

We will be working on buttoning up Dignity's first strawbale structure by plastering the interior with earthen plaster- (a great opportunity to get you hands in the mud and learn the fine art of plastering with earth!) and painting the porch
All ages are incouraged to participate.
bring work clothes.
for information and or directions contact Lydia @ 503 975 4232
or email at  ldoleman@yahoo.com
thanks and see you there
What's wrong with you? 24.Jun.2003 11:02

Snaggle Snaggle97233@hotmail.com

These Ignominy Village people (who have CHOSEN not to join the mainstream) are playing all you hard-working bleeding-heart social democrat multiculturists for suckers. Can't you see that? Have a little self-dignity...

yeah, and? 24.Jun.2003 15:01


Maybe I CHOOSE to help them. Did you think of that, dumbass?

Crocodile tears.... 24.Jun.2003 15:32

Snaggle snaggle97233@hotmail.com

Enjoy your self-importance.

You're part of the problem, not the solution.