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Pdx Universal Health Care March

July 3, noon, march from Pionner Courthouse Sq. to Terry Shrunk Plaza, concluding at Se. Smith's office, (World Trade Center) where his staff will receive petitions asking for national health care.
Please bring a friend and , if possible, a cane, crutches, sling, bandages, or other material to make it appear that you might need health care. We will transport "Uncle Sam On a Stretcher" (symbolizing U.S. health care), chant, and hear speakers (including those with personal health care stories) at Terry Shrunk Plaza. The rally will draw attention to our broken system and the advantages of a national health care system. Speakers will include members of Physicians for a National Health Program and of Health Care For All-Oregon. At Smith's office we will present signatures gathered at our community colleges asking for national health care. See you there!!
Congressman John Conyers - Universal Health Care March 25.Jun.2003 17:31

Pink Emma

Code Pink will try to have good-sized "pink presence" at the July 3 Universal Health Care march. To the organizers, thank you for organizing this.

Also, last night I wrote to Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) and asked for his support for Portland's Universal Health Care march. Haven't heard back yet, but hope springs eternal ...

Congressman Conyers has long been a champion of universal health care. I met him this May when I was in Washington DC for brain tumor lobbying. One of our activities was a reception at the Canadian Embassy, and when Congressman Conyers heard about it, he called from Detroit and told his staffer to "get over to that embassy and meet as many of those brain tumor people as you can." The next day, Mr. Conyers asked to meet with as many brain tumor advocates as we could gather up - even though none of us were from Michigan. We managed to get about 10 to 12 brain tumor survivors and family members there. His staffer had warned us that Mr. Conyers would have only a few minutes for us. Instead, the Congressman was very gracious and ended up spending over an hour with us - very unusual, in my three years' experience as a citizen lobbyist.

During our meeting, we learned that Mr. Conyers is a strong champion of universal health care. I believe that's why he took such an interest in our brain tumor activist group - hoping to develop alliances with groups likely to share his interest in health care coverage issues.

So, after I saw the announcement about the July 3 Universal Health Care march, I thought of contacting Congressman Conyers. Here's my letter, emailed to him last night (Tuesday 6/24). Haven't heard back yet, but hope springs eternal ...


Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003
To:  John.Conyers@mail.house.gov
Subject: Universal Health Care March, July 3, 2003

Dear Congressman Conyers,

I had the honor of meeting you on Tuesday, May 6, when I was in Washington for brain tumor lobbying ... [snipped a couple paragraphs about meeting him etc.] ...

Finally, I would like to ask for your support for a local universal health care event coming up in my town. Here in Portland, Oregon, advocates have organized a Universal Health Care March, taking place next week, at noon on July 3, 2003. We will march through downtown Portland, gather for a rally and speeches at Terry Schrunk Plaza, and conclude at Senator Gordon Smith's office, where his staff will receive petitions asking for national health care.

We would be delighted to be able to present something from you, whether a proclamation, an endorsement, or just a message from you to the citizens of Portland to encourage our local efforts advocating for universal health care. Of course, if against all odds you somehow are able to come to Portland for this event, we would be pleased and honored to have you take the podium and speak to the citizens of our beautiful city.

The organizers are Roberta Palmer, Max Wilkins, and John Partridge, who are representatives of Physicians for a National Health Program,  http://www.pnhp.org/, and Health Care for All Oregon,  http://www.healthcareforalloregon.org/. For more information, you may contact organizer Roberta Palmer, mailto: rpalmr44@yahoo.com. I will send Ms. Palmer a copy of this email. (I'm also copying below my correspondence with Ms. Palmer, for your information.)

Please feel free to contact either me or Roberta Palmer about this event. Congressman Conyers, I would be thrilled to have your input or participation for this event, whether in person or from a distance.

Thank you again for your delightfully gracious and welcoming manner, so rare these days. Please give my thanks also to your assistant, Joel, who came to meet us at the Canadian Embassy and then somehow managed to collect us together to meet with you. For me and my family, our meeting with you was truly the highlight of our lobbying efforts, and we very much hope to meet you again.