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Sacramento WTO: Ribbon cutting ceremony has been canceled!

BREAKING NEWS 23-06-2003 16:28:
According to the Legal Collective, the ribbon cutting ceremony at 15th & J has been canceled. This was an official WTO event, so the announcement was greeted with whooping glee by activists here in Sacramento.
nope, back on 23.Jun.2003 16:57

fun fun fun

23-06-2003 16:51: Ribbon Cutting ceremony still on, but inside
The ribbon cutting ceremony is still planned for 5:00 pm today at 15th & J ... but will take place inside, presumably because of the out of control riot-cops roaming the streets in packs.

Thank god, I'd hate for people to miss the opportunity to disrupt an official WTO event.

OH CONTRAIRE!!! 23.Jun.2003 18:20

Lord of the Dorks

I heard quite the opposite...