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Bush urges Europe to drop opposition to biotech crops

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sharply critical of European opposition to genetically modified crops, President Bush on Monday hailed developments in the biotechnology field, saying they are helping the wars on terror and famine.
Bush assailed many European governments for "acting on unfounded, unscientific fears" and called on them to allow the import of new biotech crops. The opposition, Bush told a conference of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, is hindering investment in biotechnology, particularly in Africa.

"For the sake of a continent threatened by famine, I urge the European governments to end their opposition to biotechnology," the president said.

Bush also called on Congress to approve legislation for Project BioShield, a $6 billion, 10-year plan to speed research and development of vaccines against deadly biological agents, such as anthrax and ebola. Bush also wants the Food and Drug Administration to be given powers to make experimental drugs available for use in an emergency.

Bush made a renewed plug for lawmakers to act quickly on Medicare legislation. Both the House and the Senate are considering bills that would establish a prescription drug benefit under Medicare, as well as offer seniors a choice of private plans.

Democrats are leery of any changes that they believed would undermine Medicare, the government health insurance program for the elderly. Many Republicans want legislation to include incentives for seniors to opt to join private health insurance plans.

Bush alluded to that in his comments, suggesting seniors who join private plans would have "enhanced benefits" and should have choice among the health care plans.

Monday evening, Bush is scheduled to be in New York City for a fund-raiser expected to bring in roughly $4 million for his re-election campaign.

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corporate media promotes lies 23.Jun.2003 16:06


Anyone who claims that famine can be cured by increasing food production is lying. Shouldn't it be the job of responsible journalists to inform the public that every study done on world poverty, hunger, and famine have concluded that *distribution* is, and has always been, the problem. While you can make an argument for promoting self-suffiency among poor nations, obviously, that cannot be accomplished through terminator crops. This is just another ploy to push gm crops to achieve contamination. Are these journalists any more aware than most people in the united states? Do they ever stop to think that maybe the reasons that almost every other country has bans on gm foods might be worth considering? I guess the united states is just too happy and proud to be ignorant, arrogant, and uninformed.

Surplus 23.Jun.2003 16:21


There is no shortage of food. As the previous post pointed out, the problem is distribution. Surplus is one of capitalism's most glaring faults. History shows that during times of hunger, for instance the Great Depression, the US government has asked people to grow FEWER crops. The US government CONTINUES to pay farmers NOT to grow crops!

If the US government were truly interested in feeding Africa, they would ship the surplus food that already exists there.

But of course alleviating famine is not on the government's agenda. Does anybody hear Bush asking AFRICA to prevent GMO crops from entering the continent? Of course not. Because Africans couldn't buy them if they wanted them.

Is there a famine in Europe going grossly unreported or something? If alleviating hunger is the agenda, why are the capitalists always nagging on EUROPE from preventing crops from reaching their GM-free shores?

not all americans...... 23.Jun.2003 16:29

joe blow

but george bush,anyhow...

yep. 24.Jun.2003 08:05

this thing here

>Is there a famine in Europe going grossly unreported or something? If alleviating hunger is the agenda, why are the capitalists always nagging on EUROPE from preventing crops from reaching their GM-free shores?<


gmo crops are not pushed by trade officials from the bush admin. because they are "the wonders of science and will defeat famine" and all that bullshit, they are being pushed for the simple fact that trade officials, guided by biotech and corporate ag lobbyists, want new markets for their "products". i would love to get some answers from these guys. how healthy is the gmo market in america? in europe, there's obviosly no market. how about in asia? india? and in africa? how healthy are these markets? i think these crops are pushed on the third world because they're having a hard time in the first world...

and about the whole "there's no scientifically proven reason to fear gmo's". this is bullshit. there's no scientifically proven reason to fear brussell sprouts, but some people just don't like to eat them. does this mean they are somehow "insane" or "illogical"? please...

"acting on unfounded, unscientific fears" 24.Jun.2003 09:11


George; that's the excuse you used to invade Iraq. Where are those weapons George? Where are they?
They were never there.
This is imperialist behavior George. There is no other word for it.

On a related note:
I understand that George II has strong-armed Belgium into changing it's laws on prosecuting war criminals, in his and Sharons favor of course. George II and all of those associated with those crimes, deserve the same treatment as others suspected of crimes against humanity, as Saddam would have been tried.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.