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Geek Fair Sunday noon till 6 pm!

Free Geek is having a free community fair and rumour has it there will be laptops and lots of computers and other computer-related equipment for sale that day at their Sidewalk Computer Sale-- There's also going to be a raffle for a 850 mhz Linux Computer, along with a squaredance, local musicians and other fun stuff... (Organic pizza & icecream will be served as well I hear!) So come out to have some fun and support the group that is supporting so many non-profits and other folks doing great work around town!
From the www.freegeek.org website:

Sunday, June 29th
Noon to 6pm
1731 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

A Free Community Block Party

F e a t u r i n g :

Live Music!

Squaredance with Billy Martin (Noon to 2pm)

Shed, Inc - A Hard Rocking Duet (2pm to 4pm)

Vagabond Opera - Eastern European, Klezmer, and Orginal Compositions (4:30 - 6pm)

Live Internet Broadcast (Link will appear here on June 29th)

Food and Drink!
Organic Pizza and Ice Cream

Computer Sidewalk Sale!
Computers, cases, printers, monitors
and much, much, more!

Raffle with great prizes!
AMD 950 MHz GNU/Linux OS Computer Grand Prize!

More information coming soon!

You can download and print our flyer, if you like.