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SACNEWS: Gardener's arrested

This is a communque from Starhawk. She requests the help of people everywhere. Gardeners trying to save a long-standing community garden due for destruction and development. have been arrested. Activists from all over the world joined the action to lock down to trees. Read on...
Garden Raided at Sacramento Mobilization!

Last night I watched in tears as fifty riot cops surrounded the Ron Mandella Community Garden, where my friends and permaculture buddies were locked down. We stood under the harsh lights and waited, knowing they were locked to each other and being cut apart, hoping and praying they would not be hurt. Erik, Eileen, Abby, Matt, and others from Sonoma county and our Earth Activist trainings were among them. Now they are on hunger strike in jail.

As part of the protest against the biotech and corporate agriculture miniministerial convened here in Sacramento by the USDA and USAID, they decided to defend the alternative‹a community garden confiscated to be developed for condos.

Earlier in the week, in a raid on the Welcome Center of the Sacramento Mobilization for Food Sovereignty, Democracy and Justice, police had confiscated seed balls produced in a permaculture weapons, claiming they could be used as projectile weapons, and were shown on the night time news demo. Why is the city of Sacramento portraying organic gardening as a dangerous and threatening activity‹while supporting the poisonous agriculture practices and dangerous technologies promoted by the mini-ministerial?

Please make the calls suggested below. Let¹s free the gardeners and the garden!

For more information on the garden, see www.freethegarden.org.

For more information on the Sacramento Mobilization, see www.sacmobilization.org.

Please call the District Attorney, Jan Scully, and demand that charges be dropped and the gardeners be released! 916-874-6218.

Call Steve Westly, the State Controller at (916) 445-2636, and demand that the state return control of the garden to the people, and end funding for the Fremont Mews Development.

And call Mayor Heather Fargo and the Sacto City Council. (916) 808-5407, and tell them that Sacramento needs the Ron Mandella Community Garden.

And please send this message on to other gardeners and permaculturists. Let's let Sacramento hear from gardeners around the world that we want them to support small scale, community based agriculture, not profit-driven toxic ag!


homepage: homepage: http://www.freethegarden.org

Sac Arrests 23.Jun.2003 13:48

Protesters at Mandela Gardens

Photos of arrests - by Tracy Mapes

Mandella Garden Raid 25.Jun.2003 00:54


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