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monday's breaking news from sacramento on biotechimc.org

This article will be updated to contain an archive of breaking news from sacramento posted to http://www.biotechimc.org for events beginning on monday, june 23rd.
24-06-2003 01:10: arrestees at 13th and F
Unconfirmed reports are that the 2 arrestees were actually neighbors who took the time to videotape the police harassment of the protestors.
24-06-2003 01:05: Police vans leave from front of Welcome Center after harrassing two girls
Once again, Sacramento's finest showed their true colors and spent several minutes picking on people much smaller than they. What is it about cops that they like to harrass young women so much?
24-06-2003 00:53: Possible detainees at Torpedo Place
There is a silver sedan and white van parked across the street from the Welcome Center at the Torpedo Place. They are shining flashlights around and checking it out. Some people may have been detained, although this is unconfirmed.
24-06-2003 00:36: Police van in front of Welcome Center... again
This happens so often that perhaps it's not actually "news", but it seems significant after the harrassment and arrests in the neighborhood.
24-06-2003 00:35: Sketchy van license plate
License of undercover white full-sized van: 644625. It is parked right outside of the Welcome Center at the moment.
24-06-2003 00:32: 2 people arrested
19 police on scene right now detaining 4 people. Someone just yelled, "Get your hands off me." .. 2 people are being arrested and most police are now leaving.
24-06-2003 00:26: activists outnumbered and harassed by police
At least 19 police officers are detaining 4 or 5 protestors at 13th and F. Legal has been notified and on their way. At least 2 people were arrested.
24-06-2003 00:25: 4 protesters detained; police interfering with filming
4 protesters being detained and 1 being arrested at 13th and F - any support is appreciated, especially legal! They are trying to stop media activists from filming by shining bright lights on their cameras. 13 police present.
24-06-2003 00:15: IMC activist being detained
An IMC activist is being detained at 13th between D & E. The situation seems to be escalating - activists across the street are trying to provide support, and they are also being harassed.
24-06-2003 00:02: Activists being serously harassed...
Some activists, including IMC folks, are being seriously harassed by the cops at G and 11th. At last report they were having a spotlight shone on them, and had been followed by marked and unmarked cars for several blocks. Legal has been contacted.
23-06-2003 22:30: Police outside of spokescouncil?
Once again tonight, police are outside the spokescouncil meeting, which tonight is at the Washington Community Center at 16th & D. There are paddy wagons. After a previous meeting, participants were detained and questioned by police. A call has gone out for indymedia; fortunately there are enough cameras here in Sacramento to be many places at once.
23-06-2003 20:18: Arraignment--tomorrow
An update from legal says that one demonstrator has been charged with a felony. The arraignment is tomorrow at 651 I St., 1:30 pm--in the basement. She is alone and needs to know that we're with her. Please call the District Attorney Jan Scully, at 916-874-6218 to let her know how you feel about these charges.
23-06-2003 19:29: Feddies turn tail again
When approached by legal and media activists outside the Welcome Center, the Federal Protection Service officers once again left the scene quickly.
23-06-2003 19:23: Police liaisons and IMCers paying Federal Protection Agents a visit
details coming soon...
23-06-2003 19:01: Fun with the Feds
Folks outside of the Welcome Center tried to ask the Feds what they were doing here, and if they were indeed Homeland Security. After trying unsuccessfully to get them to roll their car windows down, the Feds left!
23-06-2003 18:52: The feds are watching the Welcome Center
We just got a call that a copper/tan Ford Explorer with lic. plate 07674 is sitting at 13th and C and the occupants are looking at us through binoculars. There is also a Jeep Cherokee with lic. plate 10759 parked near the area, watching people go in and out of the center. The caller said that they are "Federal Protective Service" vehicles.
23-06-2003 18:32: Don't fall prey to rumours
Various rumours about different alleged threats are currently circulating. If any of them were verifiable, they would be repeated here, but so far none are. During actions like this, agents provocateurs will drop rumours into groups to divide them.
23-06-2003 18:30: Activists requesting support at 14th & J
Everyone is totally separated. Groups of 10+ are definitely getting followed around. The city feels a bit "shut down", as in deserted.
23-06-2003 18:27: Situation at Welcome Center: Not extraordinary, but still fucked up
It feels a bit like a siege at the Welcome Center currently; however, considering how these things usually work, the cops will probably move along soon.
23-06-2003 18:22: Cops want warning of future actions
Police officer outside of Welcome Center, with possible badge number 91595(?).He said that they want everyone off the sidewalk, and are asking if we can give them a "heads up" about what our plans are."Basically, don't do anything you're not telling us about," according to the caller. The caller also said that there was an illegal march ealier in the day, and they want to make sure that nothing happens during the nighttime. They are saying that groups of 10+ people, and people at 16th and J will be targeted.
23-06-2003 18:19: updates from legal
Legal reports are that arrests are being made at 16th and J. Groups larger than 10 will only be allowed to move around after dark and avoid being targetted if they register with the police beforehand.
23-06-2003 18:09: reports of police threats and concerns
Reports are that police will stop and harass any groups moving in groups of more than 7-10 to prevent actions tonight. Also, they are afraid of people converging on 16th and shutting down the freeway on-ramp and people in that area will be targetted.
23-06-2003 18:05: Bicycle cops two blocks from Welcome Center
The eleven motorcycle cops at the tacqueria have left, but 20+ bicycle cops are hanging out with a cruiser at 13th & D, two blocks from the Welcome Center.
23-06-2003 18:04: 50+ people might be trapped at 15th & J
according to the word on the lot at the Welcome Center
23-06-2003 17:55: convergence on ribbon cutting on J between 14th and 15th
Many police and many protestors are there already. People interested in being present at the ribbon cutting should head down there. It has been reported that a little persistence can get you there regardless of police interference.
23-06-2003 17:45: Channel 13 has moved to other side of street as protesters arrive
The Mud People are coming back to the Welcome Center and the mood is festive!
23-06-2003 17:44: Legal Collective update
An attorney is on the way to the Welcome Center. Legal Collective would like to remind folks that Sacramento police department promised not to use weapons on non-violent demonstrators.
23-06-2003 17:41: Protesters in sight of Welcome Center
and the cops are falling back a bit. Channel 13 is trying to film but "that's not going to happen." Activists are preventing corporate media from filming.
23-06-2003 17:40: Protesters heading to the Welcome Center with tons of cops in tow
About 200 people, being followed by motorcycle cops, bike cops, etc.
23-06-2003 17:39: Police intimidation at H & 11th
People were ushered into a park, ordered to disperse, but not allowed to disperse. The police were threatening to use "non leathal munitions".
23-06-2003 17:38: Motorcycle cops outside the Welcome Center
Eleven motorcycle cops arrived outside the Welcome Center about 5 minutes ago. They parked briefly, facing the Welcome Center and blocking the bicycle lane, staring down folks here. IMC and legal team people came out and stared 'em back. After 3 or so minutes, they rode to the tacqueria kitty-corner from the Welcome Center on 12th and C, where they are still sitting. Word on the street is that protesters are being driven this way by cops.
23-06-2003 17:26: Activists surrounded! Cops at Welcome Center also!
16th & J - heading towards I - about 100 riot cops surrounding protestors with batons. cops surrounding IMC Welcome Center right now!
23-06-2003 17:19: A few dozen protesters at Ribbon-Cutting ceremony
including some folks who are clearly undercover.
23-06-2003 17:17: People ignoring order to disperse at 11th & I
Three buses of cops have just pulled up; people are chanting and singing and sitting on the ground. There's about 100 riot cops.
23-06-2003 17:14: Police trying to hem in protesters on 11th
...between I and K. Perhaps 200 people, near the location of the Welcome Center. "Large collection of police", with SUVs, riot cops, etc. "Can't people in and out of here." The cops are announcing that they will be using chemical weapons.
23-06-2003 17:12: Uncofirmed breakaway march at 16th & D
just reported
23-06-2003 16:51: Ribbon Cutting ceremony still on, but inside
The ribbon cutting ceremony is still planned for 5:00 pm today at 15th & J ... but will take place inside, presumably because of the out of control riot-cops roaming the streets in packs.
23-06-2003 16:28: Ribbon cutting ceremony has been canceled!
According to the Legal Collective, the ribbon cutting ceremony at 15th & J has been canceled. This was an official WTO event, so the announcement was greeted with whooping glee by activists here in Sacramento.
23-06-2003 16:08: At least 2 cops on every corner near capitol
People are urged to travel in groups but should be advised there are at least 2 cops on every corner around the capitol, reporting any group movement. Gestapo surrounding families and people on wheelchairs, closing in.
23-06-2003 15:57: Summary of capitol action
After the march completed, many people dressed in black went up the capitol steps to see their representatives and were denied, but media kept the sherrifs from hurting anyone. Sirens were heard down the street and much of the large crowd ran down the street from the capitol to see what was going on. By the time the caller to the radio arrived, there was a standoff with the protesters and the police. People on the capitol grounds were surrounded and allowed one way out by police. 2 groups of activists sitting down were surrounded and then un-arrested by the crowds. One officer was seen to bludgeon someone getting a drink of water.
23-06-2003 15:32: The Legal Collective confirms 2 arrests
...and assures us that there's video of taser attacks.
23-06-2003 15:29: Non-protestors tasered
Police indiscriminately grabbed some people who were just standing around at the capitol and tasered them. They were not protesters. The police were "aparently expecting an NRA convention", many armored vehicles downtown.
23-06-2003 15:25: Unconfirmed reports of 3 arrests
...but many more unarrests have happened. There's also blood on the street from people being beaten. According to a caller to Sacramento Resistance Radio, a state worker observing at the scene thought that the protesters should be "killed" before they came into town, but now she has changed her mind and thinks the police are using excessive force.
23-06-2003 15:24: Circle of activists tasered
Circle of activists sitting down in the street, were cut off from the rest of the crowd, the circle were tasered. Many people were un-arrested by the black bloc.
23-06-2003 15:13: Indymedia people getting tasered
Black blocers still surrounded. (these last few entries have all been at the Capitol building.)
23-06-2003 15:12: Riot gear police "whaling on" young woman
Olive-complected woman was being beaten by cops but perhaps has gotten away.
23-06-2003 15:11: Chants of "Let Them Go!" continue
...as protesters attempt to surround cops
23-06-2003 15:10: Medics are unable to reach people
...who are surrounded by cops. It's confirmed that there are two groups of people surrounded.
23-06-2003 15:08: Highway patrol has hemmed in about 150 people
...on the south side of the Capitol.
23-06-2003 15:08: "Riot cops with taser guns surrounding us"
A caller from the streets reports that the police are trying to split the group up. The police are trying to arrest people, and apparently some people are being unarrested. Police are using tasers.
23-06-2003 15:04: Riot cops have surrounded a whole group of people
...and there might not be a way out for them. This is just west of the Capitol Building.
23-06-2003 15:02: Black Bloc chanting "Let them go!"
...just West of Capitol building.
23-06-2003 14:57: Mellow in the Park...
...where over 1000 people are congregating. The police have the street blocked off from 10th to 13th.
23-06-2003 14:42: Stand-off at 11th and N...
...defusing as activists move off.
23-06-2003 14:40: Two protests?
Black Bloc trying to make a break for N Street near 11th. The police are forcing people onto the Capitol lawn and boxing some of them in. A division has taken place and it's almost like 2 protests are happening, one being left alone and the other being harrassed.
23-06-2003 14:37: Huge amount of cops have hit the streets
11th Street: About 100 riot geared officers coming down street. The Black Bloc is dancing out into the street. The cops are pushing people back with rubber bullet guns.
23-06-2003 14:27: March finishes up
March is pretty much over, people are rallying at the capitol. Black bloc is taking off. Police nearby, heavily armed with many gas launchers and shotguns.
23-06-2003 14:23: Police discharging tasers in front of crowd...
...near end of Capitol march.
23-06-2003 14:17: Police taking away bullhorns...
...at tail end of parade.
23-06-2003 14:14: March is completing its course
17th & H. Cops breaking away south and west of hte capitol building to attend to something else; reporter is not sure what.
23-06-2003 14:12: Public dumping of GMO corn seed to take place...
...at 16th & H at 3:00, by farmers.
23-06-2003 14:10: Cops playing intimidation game with marchers...
...at L & 13th, pointing their rubber bullet guns at people, but the crowd is festive anyway. Corporate media is walking along with cops. Earlier, FOX made itself scarce when the Black Bloc was having trouble with the police. A solid wall of cops line the streets.
23-06-2003 14:01: Crowd estimate: at least 3000 people
According to an IMC reporter, the march is going "down 16th toward L. there's a helluvalotta people here. 3-5000. riot cops too, coming down an alley ready to mobilize. i'm not sure what they're expecting."
23-06-2003 13:59: Beautiful day at Capitol March
A caller to Sacramento Resistance Radio reports: "day is gorgeous, people are beautiful, families are here, tons of different folks -- farmers, restaurant workers. i'm really blown away. Cops are carefully protecting a particular coffee shop [not Starbucks] with tanks and everything.
23-06-2003 13:48: March safe so far...
...as it turns down 14th from N street. Interestingly, the po-po's are kicking everyone off the sidewalk, including journalists. Black Bloc is along.
23-06-2003 13:36: Marches starting near Capitol
Both Black Bloc and permitted marches have started near the Capitol building.
23-06-2003 13:35: Trouble on L Street...
...at 11th and 12th streets: Cops gettin' agro on the black block, whippin' out zip-ties, and trying to detain people.
23-06-2003 13:03: quick re-con of capitol area
Sacramento is swarming with cops. [ Read more ]
23-06-2003 11:57: Sacramento Mobilization opening ceremonies start
Just a few minutes after 10AM, always a little late for effect, the Sacramento Mobilization against the USDA corporate sponsored 'Ag' conference was under way at the state capitol. [ Read more ]
23-06-2003 11:10: Police intimidation continues on Monday morning
A 17 year-old woman was hancuffed and detained by plain clothes police officers in an unmarked vehicle for having a flag, which they confiscated. [ Read More ]
23-06-2003 9:14: Vets for Peace Bus Impounded
The Spirit of Garberville bus was impounded on the discretion of the cops. [ Read More ]
23-06-2003 8:45: Killer Tomato bed confiscated c. 8:40am
A representative of the Killer Tomatoes just called to say they're being followed by cops to the Federal Bldg, where they plan to perform a visibility and outreach action. Cops confiscated the Killer Tomato bed, on which a GE tomato is rolled down the street. Police stated they confiscated the prop because they recognized the activist group from yesterday. No one has been arrested thus far, but cops are following the group which was at 5th & I at around 8:40am [ Read More ]


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