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Sacramento webradio mirror

An Oakland-based relay of the Sacramento webradio stream.

homepage: homepage: http://radio.us2.indymedia.org:8000/sac.mp3.m3u

more mirrors 23.Jun.2003 11:24


More mirrors can be found on the biotechimc radio page:  http://www.biotechimc.org/or/static/radio.shtml or at the top of the biotechimc front page:  http://www.biotechimc.org/ (just look for the radio meter image).

We still recommend the Radio Free Ashland ( http://www.radiofreeashland.org:8010/listen.pls) as it has the most bandwidth as far as we know; try others only if they are closer or if you experience problems or you are looking for a real audio stream instead of mp3.