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illegal gas masks?

Concerns about arrests in Sacramento.
Is it true? Can you be arrested for having a gas mask? What is up with that? And the women arrested in Sacramento cannot see their lawyers because the jail cannot accomodate male lawyers for them? I know that I am basically naive, but this is even worse than I thought . Keep the faith, I will be worrying even more about loved ones in Sacramento and am grateful for this site.
yes and no 24.Jun.2003 12:12

stephen skr213@newdisorder.com

yes, sacramento bans masks, gas masks, and other face coverings in "parades." they are using this law to arrest people. i was arrested sunday afternoon for this. i was a legal observer, not taking part in the protest.

the women were finally able to see their attorneys on sunday night/monday morning. this was the direct result of the men and women doing direct action inside the jail. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!

i will be posting a full report of my ordeal and what was going on inside the jail later today or tonight.