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Rainbow Gathering in Utah growing

A Rainbow Report from the Annual Gathering of the Tribes in Utah. For more info, go to www.welcomehome.org
Am from ogden, Utah was up to the gathering site today beautiful country..........A great site! took a few pictures of the area the
people etc.... L.E.O. is overly abundant, almost seemed to be one for every mile after turning on fs 058 from the west. the road is extremely good the
last two miles to welcome home is very rocky but our kia had no problem traversing it. Cutthroat road is filling up fast with vehicles and
people space is limited , lyman lake is a preferred site to park and either shuttle or walk in . A word to the wise L.E.O is ticketing and towing all
vehicles parked on... repeat on 058 or cutthrout roadways, pulled over to change the baby and in the span of ten minutes 4 had pulled behind us inquiring our intentions, as of today 1300 are at the site with more pulling in as we left for home on 6-22-03.

homepage: homepage: http://www.welcomehome.org

Hee we go again! 23.Jun.2003 07:25


Sounds like harassment is already intense... last year in Michigan folks gathering were subjected to regular searches on the road and forced to pour out water containers till the locals started objecting. FS put a closure on the area with the spring. The year before in Idaho people were stopped if they carried kitchen gear and cited for digging shitters and laying water pipe...

Book about Rainbow 23.Jun.2003 09:55

rainbow skeptic

For an interesting take on sex relations at Rainbow Gatherings read The Gathering at Big Sur, a friend passed it along to me earlier this year and its a pretty good read, some stuff in there also about earth first! interesting, a guy wrote it in the voice of a woman, link here for description:


Who gathers? All the flakes in the U.S., and then some. Some great people too, but don't expect anything but raw humanity.

yeah whatever, here's another update 23.Jun.2003 11:41

rainbow addict for 13 years

okay, here's another update for those actually interested ..

It snowed 3 inches last night, and it'a about 30F. When the sun comes out it's almost warm, but when it's stormy and overcast like now, it's cold
and wet. Bring warm, water resistant shoes, hats, and extra blankets. Thermal underwear, etc... is also probably a good idea.

welcomehome.org directions are being updated-- it turns out near Lyman Lake, the road mentioned as "208" is really "271". As of last night the local
sheriff was at the intersection sending people the correct way and he mentioned "the web site directions were wrong". :-)