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Summary of events in Sacramento: June 22, 2003

a brief summary of the day, featuring links to indymedia coverage


Sunday, June 22 was a hot day in Sacramento, California. The day started with an attack on activists provoked by corporate media, the detaining of a protester bus, and the launching of Sacramento Resistance Radio. In the afternoon, over a thousand people descended on downtown and executed roving, decentralized actions converging on the Convention Center, where the WTO trade show was happening. The building was briefly surrounded and all traffic in and out halted. Fences were pulled down, dumpsters pushed into the street, and political messages tagged on walls and windows. Police became violent during arrests outside an IMAX theater where WTO delegates were planning to attend a showing. By late afternoon, most people had gathered at a local community garden that is threatened by private development. Twelve activists locked down around an apricot tree and were eventually removed by police using pain compliance. After midnight, the legal team announced from the Elk Grove Correctional Facility in suburban Sacramento that 15 men and 9 women had been arrested, but would hopefully be released soon. Some people felt that the day was a victory, and others that it lacked solidarity. Throughout everything, up-to-the-minute reports were filed on the Biotech Indymedia website. Those reports follow below.

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