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first pictures from sacramento protests

Pictures from the streets of sacramento have finally started showing up on various indymedia centers, especially on Biotech Indymedia. This article is a collection of links to these early stories containing images. For those of us who have been listening to the web radio all day and night it is nice to finally have some images of what has been happening. Let's hope people continue to take pictures and upload them to share their visions from these events and actions.

Sac photos
Photos from todays protests
16 photos

Pics Of Undercover Cop and Woman Arrested Off Sidewalk
Pictures of police crackdown on organizing in Sacramento
3 photos

Images from the streets of Sacramento 6/22
Selected images from the streets of Sacramento!
6 photos (including one 4 picture montage)

pic: Fish-corn at Sac march
Sac mobilization
1 photo

Photo essay of Sacramento protest - 18 photos
A 9 page 18 photo essay of the protest in Sacramento today.
Note, this essay actually resides on a separate site.