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GE Trees Call to Action

Call to Action Against GE Trees and International Paper
call to action on ge trees and international paper

coalition launches campaign against international paper's research and development of genetically engineered trees!

international paper is one of the top promoters of genetically engineered tree technology in the world today. we have a great chance to stop ge trees!

stop the corporate takeover of our ecosystems!

these trees will contaminate ecosystems by cross pollinating with native species introducing the patented proprietary genes into native ecosystems of our wildernesses, national parks, forest service and blm lands and in private landowners woodlots. these corporations will then sue the landowners for 'theft' of their patented genes and intellectual property (just like they did to percy schmeiser in bruno saskatchewan, canada. www.percyschmeiser.com).

call ip's ceo john dillon and demand international paper stop its research and development of ge trees! ip invests money in aborgen, oregon state universitie's tree genetic engineerng research cooperative and other university biotech labs around the country. the majority of the research is focused on the species used for pulp and paper production such as: poplar, radiata pine, and eucalyptus. they are attempting to engineer pesticide production, herbicide tolerance (roundup herbicide from monsanto), sterility and reduced lignin content (to make the trees 'easier' to turn into pulp in the toxic kraft paper making process).

call today and call often..........
international paper headquarters: 203.541.8000
ip paper information hotline: 1.800.223.1268
ip financial corporate reports: 1.800.332.8146

for more campaign info: www.asej.org
for ge tree facts: www.gaaget.org