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This article will be updated to contain an archive of breaking news from sacramento posted to http://www.biotechimc.org. Note that times are in CET which is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time.
23-06-2003 10:13: Elk Grove Jail directions/info
Hwy 99 South
Elk Grove Blvd exit (right)
go 1 1/2 miles to the 3rd light
left on Bruceville
go 10 miles, take a right on Lambert
go 1/4 mile left on Bruceville

cell# of attorneys onsite: 916-397-6036
23-06-2003 09:27: Elk Grove 24 may be out within a few hours
According to the legal observer who was arrested on Sunday for possession of a gas mask, and detained at the Elk Grove jail, he and the 14 other men and 9 women in jail may be out within hours. Activists are waiting outside in support until the arrestees are released. Sustenance will be provided outside the jail by local activist organizations (especially the rockin' Food Not Bombs).

The NLG lawyer who went inside to speak to activists said he was unable to speak with any of the female activists because jail representatives claimed the Elk Grove jail is not set up to allow male attorneys to speak with female inmates.
23-06-2003 07:26: Pain compliance being used in garden
People still locked down in the garden are having pain complience used on them by the police right now. Activists being led out of the garden in handcuffs. Bystanders told to step aside or be arrested. About 50 people chanting "No police state".
23-06-2003 07:17: Garden has been raided
We got a report of a raid at the garden (15th and Q), but we don't know anymore information other than that at this time.
23-06-2003 06:33: FNB Truck Impounded
The truck that was seized at 15th and K was a Food Not Bombs truck - with food inside. The police cited the driver for an expired license, which is false, and no registration (the status of which is not known. They have released everyone and impounded the truck with all of the food inside.
23-06-2003 06:16: Truck of activists seized
Cops have detained a F-150 truck with activists, and have illegally searched and seized them at 15th and K. Legal observers have been dispatched, and there is a videographer on the scene.
23-06-2003 04:33: 15 Arrested! - taken to suburbs, need cars!
15 people have been arrested today and have been taken to the Elk Grove Jail. Cars are needed for jail support! Please call 916-410-4087 if you can help.
23-06-2003 04:31: Arrests at IMAX
4-5 people have been arrested in front of the IMAX for "failure to obey an officer" and "unlawful assembly." According to someone at the scene who spoke with a sheriff, they may be released in about 4 hours. Also,a large contigent (50-60) of "what looks like paramilitary troopers" with "machine-gun" type guns marched by the IMAX. They were wearing triangular symbols on their green/black uniforms. According to the caller, there are only police left at the IMAX.
23-06-2003 04:25: 100 protesters march in streets from convention center to welcome center
After regrouping from the violent clearing of 12th & K in front of the IMAX, about 50 circled at 13th and J. Deciding to return to the spokescouncil, and collecting stragglers, about 100 marched in the streets, dancing to drums and brass band, past 12th & J to the welcome center. No arrests; high spirits.
23-06-2003 03:37: Activists being chased from IMAX by police
12th & J: Arrests are becoming progressively more violent. Police have given an order to disperse and are threatening use of chemical weapons if people refuse.
23-06-2003 03:26: IMAX and delegates updates
12th & K, tried to force the demonstrators to move. Arrests are confirmed. Delegates are being unloaded at the Hyatt hotel escorted by a large police presence.
23-06-2003 03:23: Corporate media reports of our numbers
Corporate media is reporting on the six o'clock news that 400 protestors turned out. This was reported on KCRA Chan. 3 in Sacramento. True numbers have to be way higher.
23-06-2003 03:20: IMAX boxed in
Riot cops are coming right now approaching a group of 350, trying to do arrests, about to charge or use chemicals, location at 12th and K. Basically boxed in.
23-06-2003 03:06: "The scene is fucking beautiful"
K & 13th: Protesters have taken the area over in front of the IMAX. "The scene is fucking beautiful". Protesters are dressed up like corn and in other colorful costumes.
23-06-2003 03:02: Re-enforcements arrive at IMAX
200 people or so in front of the IMAX theatre, a "fair amount of riot cops down here". Reports a festive atmosphere as protester re-enforcements arrive.
23-06-2003 03:00: cops are getting aggressive
A band of 17 bike cops surrounded and arrested a portland woman who was sitting on a fence drinking water. They brought out the pepper spray and are not wearing badges or names.
23-06-2003 02:41: Legal update
Legal reports 4 confirmed arrests in the main jail at 651 I street, lawyers dispatched. The charges are, drumsticks on public property, and posession of gas masks.
23-06-2003 02:40: Cops threatening arrest
Protesters were holding the intersection at 13th and ?. The cops threatened to arrest those who didn't get out of the street, but they are moving east and the cops have not followed through on that threat.
23-06-2003 02:30: Legal Team Update
So far 5 people have called the arrestee line; the corporate media has reported that 8 people have been arrested. At 14th & 16th, windows have been broken, and the Chief of Police has given his officers the command that they don't have to give out their badge numbers - the "non violent" agreement has been breached, they say.
23-06-2003 00:26:
16 police trucks, carried cops in riot gear at 15th & K they are being kept busy by a group on that corner, cops shut down entire block. "They look like they're happy because they got to play with their big toys"
23-06-2003 00:24: cops are starting to take over...
Police line formed at 15th and J, closing people off, and protesters have started to move in the opposite direction. Cops are outnumbering people "like crazy" - many arrests.
23-06-2003 00:21: Cat and mouse
Cops are moving away from 15th on J. Activists are going down 16th in the same direction, trying to surround Convention Center (again).
23-06-2003 00:17: Convention Center surrounded, fences coming down
L & 15th: 4-5 different groups have surrounded tje convention center and are disrupting basically all people and traffic from going in and out. Fences getting taken down and put into street, and dumpsters too. Vans of riots cops, and cops on horses & bicycles are closing in.
23-06-2003 00:07: Protesters surrounded
12th and J has been taken over, but they are all surrounded by cops. There are about 400-600 people blocked in.
22-06-2003 23:53: paddywagons on the way
From the radio: 20 riot cops and paddy wagons heading downtown, coming from about 15th and C. should be arriving any minute now.
22-06-2003 23:48: A fun time so far!
J Street: The mood so far has been very festive, with many people drumming, dancing, and chanting. Cops are definitely a presence, however, with 35 cops in riot gear, 10 cops on horseback, plainclothes cops also. read more
22-06-2003 23:28: Cops and protesters at 15th & K
Marching band and a whole lot people in Capitol Park, at 15th & K trying to take the streets. Cops in riot gear and going the wrong way down 15th.
22-06-2003 23:19: Signs confiscated at Capital Park
A caller from the streets says that police are not letting people bring any signs into Capital Campus park. Just about every intersection has 10 motorcycle cops watching it. people seem to be converging at one end of the park (caller is unsure which part of the park they are converging at).
22-06-2003 23:06: Police seizing gas masks...
...citing a Sacremento ordinance that prohibits gas masks at parades, demonstrations, etc. Read more
22-06-2003 22:53: Bicyclist Arrested
according to 92.9, a bicyclist was detained and arrested. the march is continuing to the capital.
22-06-2003 22:34: Activist bus impounded
Despite the appearance of a properly licensed Class-B driver, the police have impounded the bus at 20th & K.
22-06-2003 22:33: Cops in riot gear near Welcome Center
15-20 CHP cars between 15th & 16th on C. Riot geared officers following black bloc.
22-06-2003 22:32: 92.9 FM now broadcasting news from the streets
Tune in to hear what's happenin'!
22-06-2003 22:30: Cops detaining bus of activists from Vets for Peace
Police have detained a bus full of activists and are making everyone disembark. [ Read more ]
22-06-2003 22:28: Cops swarm Zapata Park
Spurred on by irresponsible and disrespectful corporate media folks, cops surrounded and threatened activists in Zapata Park. [ Read more ]


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set your clock 22.Jun.2003 15:15


The times given for these breaking events are in the future, if you're using PDT--or even EDT. Those times given look more like Eastern Europe time.

time 22.Jun.2003 15:22


Yes, the biotechimc site ( http://www.biotechimc.org) is in CET which is 9 hours ahead of PDT. I've added a note to the top of this article, and it's being added to the biotech site as well (until, hopefully the times will be listed in PDT).

disregard 22.Jun.2003 16:12


yes...just went to the biotech site where it's clearly stated Central European Time. previous comment was in response to the repost to PDX IMC, which didn't carry the time zone info...thanks

Channel 10's 6 o'clock news 22.Jun.2003 21:42

David A. Kulczyk

Had excellent footage of the arrest at 16th and J. I was standing right there snapping photos, but my battery died right then. How that cameraperson got those shots is incredible, then again he had a $20,000 camera. Their lead line was "thousands take to the streets of Sacramento."

photo 23.Jun.2003 03:37



The people's right to know and other rights 23.Jun.2003 07:32

silent protestor

You do your cause harm when you prevent the 1st Amendment right of the press to report (Chavez Park) the news. (It is perfectly legal to video tape anything in a public place)!

You do your cause harm when you block traffic by moving dumpsters into the street and overturn them, jump on the cars of your fellow citizens, break merchant's windows and vandalize parked vehicles.

In short, you don't have a right to violate the rights of others!

and other rights.... 23.Jun.2003 11:36

dedicated protestor

you do your cause harm when you become so tame that civil disobedience gives way to civil obedience