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Transcending Conflict

on the root of all suffering having to do with ignorance of love (AKA pride)
Transcending Conflict

Everything with a brain is perpetually having a conversation with the whole of the universe- have no fear and you create a bubble of fearlessness around you.

Being reflections of the everything, a part of us is aware of everything- the more humble one is the more clear one sees.

Through knowing calmness we see what is not calm- through being calm we stand assured while those lacking calmness are unsure (though, in knowing calmness the blessing that feels like a curse becomes obvious- that in being able to invoke calmness at will, at any moment, fear is revealed to be illusory, as well as anger, because one can choose to rather be calm unto death- owning their focus, knowing mastery- coming to the point of transcending all conflict). So, those who are unsure either have a catalyst thought on honour/maturity or become afraid and flee.

It is an interesting time- the more truth becomes obvious the more people will find that fear and anger do not propel us through the whirlwind- that only humility contrasts pride... it is a time where people must start asking themselves what they want- their preconceptions or their honour.

in practice,


Victoria, BC, Canada