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Police Harrassment- Profiling

Today at 12:45AM while walking from on 13th street, two motorcycle pigs...sorry, Police, pulled over to ask me if they could talk for a few minutes...inviting me into the street. After telling the two gentlemen, "sorry guys, I have somewhere to be" and walking away, one says "ok...We see how it is" and they both ride away.
Today at 12:45AM while walking from on 13th street, two motorcycle pigs...sorry, Police, pulled over to ask me if they could talk for a few minutes...inviting me into the street. After telling the two gentlemen, "sorry guys, I have somewhere to be" and walking away, one says "ok...We see how it is" and they both ride away.

At the next intersection I am greeted by twelve more cops on mortorcycles. Four park and follow me on foot. They surrounded me and one put a hand held digital camera in myu face (I had my hand covering). I asked repeatedly to leav em,e alone, this is Harrassment, stop trying to film me, then I asked for his badge number. He responded "no...you dont need it". I asked again and two other cops said its none of my business. When I started to Open my notebook and uncap my pen, they all moved closer then 3 feet, I fealt uncomfortable, and decided to walk instead of being beat for trying to get the number.

One block up the motorcycle cops stoped following, and were replaced by 12 bi-cycle pigs...sorry again, cops. One rode next to me, being far more civil then the mortorcycle cops, asking p[olitly where I was heading. I told him "I know my rights, I do not need to answer you, and I dont want to talk to him any further". He said thats fine, and said he'll just ride with me for a while.

After I turned down C street they stoped following. Half a block down I ran into a Legal Observer, who brought to my attention I was beinmg followed also by a Helicopter, I pointed him in the directions of the cops who were harrassing me, and the fact they refused to give any badge numbers. He asked me to come down to the welcome center, and right up a report and he started to walk to where the pigs were...damn....well screw it.

I was only one person, walking about 6 blocks away form down town, being harrassed by twenty something cops. While they could of been out stopping rapes and murders, theyed rather be following one kid wearing dark colors....What a waste.

Last thing id like to write is, remember, you never need to talk to a cop, just walk away. When you start talking to one, your legally not allowed to end the conversation (something like that) so dont talk! Also during the next week, lets stick together...It was dumb of me to walk alone that far.


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correction 21.Jun.2003 21:55


I went to a legal training today, and I'm pretty sure that you don't have to answer any questions other than what your name is. It is your right to remain silent. You just have to state, I am going to remain silent.

I'm interested 22.Jun.2003 09:16

David A. Kulczyk dustbunny@sprintmail.com

I'm a freelance writer on assignment with the Sacramento News & Review. I'd love to be able to talk with anyone involved in police harrassement and Black Bloc. I'll be at the demo Sunday and the march on Monday. My home phone number is 363-3330. Here is the link to the author page for the Sac News & Review.

I also write for a Midwest music monthly called Maximum Ink - www.maximumink.com
I write a column called Kulczyk's Korner - you can see my photo on there.

I am not a cop, just a retired bike messenger (Seattle) and sometime rebel rouser, who only way to earn a living is by being a print whore. I also have a posted note at 12 & C.


thank you for informing us 23.Jun.2003 17:11


You brave soul! Thank you for writing and letting us know how terribly you were harrased. We are on your side. 1984 is today. Watch out for electronic voting. Thanks for your courage and everyone else involved - we are all helped by you, all of us.


You Should See What Us Two Are Going Through!!! 19.Oct.2004 12:53

paw dadbaerpaw1@hotmail.com

Utah, especialy OGDEN is NOT SAFE!!!. My wife and I are litteraly and Verually being Violated, TERRORIZED, Lied to, Sleep deprived, And Followed even to store`s restrooms by Ogden Police!. We were told That Ogden Has No Internal Affairs!, They Just Handle Things Internaly. We Were Even Lied To And Told We Were Hallucinating By A Member Of The Utah Attourney Generals Office!, These Guys Are outside Our Bedroom Windows EVERY NIGHT!, Just Standing There, And Listening For God Knows What... They Steal Out Of Our House When We Leave, Follow Us EVERYWHERE We Go, Make Just Enough Noise To Let My Wife And I Know That They Are There, But The Local P.D. Covers ALL THIS UP!, I`ve Reported This To The P.D. As A Prowler Call At Least 10 (ten) Times... But Each Time The Police Say They See No-one! And Nothing Is Happeneing. They Are Slowly Working There way Form The Outside-In, They Have Done So Much Outside Facia Damage To Our Rental House, It Looks Like A Frame!, They Know I`ve Had A Scanner And Radios Since I was 11 Or So,... I Overhear Thier Intentional over the 800Megahetz band RADIO Harrassment, And Sly Ignorant Comments Directed DIRECTLY AT US!!!. Cant Someone Stop This Terrorism That Police Commit With Impunity???. Can Someone Do Anytyhing At All???. VERY CONCERNED FOR OUR SAFTEY,... dadbaerpaw1@hotmail.com

920 sullivan rd. ogden, utah. 84403

Terrorism By Local Police! 19.Oct.2004 14:15

Paw dadbaerpaw1@hotmail.com

You Should See What We`re Going Through!!!, Ogden City Police, are litteraly and virtually Terrorising my wife and I, There outside our bedroom windows EVERY NIGHT!!!, Doing God Knows What!, You Can Here Them Breath... Walk around, and try to cover thier coughs. They are Breaking Into Our House Every Time We Leave!!!, Thet Steal Our Stuff, Break Our Stuff, Slim-jim Our Car, Follow Us Everywhere We Go, Even To Store`s Restrooms!!!, They Have Done So Much Damage To The Outside Of This Rental House At 920 Sullivan Rd. Ogden Ut. 84403, That It`s Nothing More Than A Frame Waiting To Fall Down!, They Know I`ve Made Radio My Hobbie Since I Was 11 Years Old, So I Also Run A Police Scanner... We Hear Them Harrasing Us Over The Scanner All The Time, We`ve Heard The Entire Contents Of Our House, Discriptions Of All Our Personal effects, They Very Words We Say, Every Move We Make. We`ve Been Lied To And Told That Ogden-City-Police-Dept. DOES NOT HAVE AN INTERNAL AFFAIRS!!!, That Tey Just Handle Things Internaly!, This By One Of They Same Voices We Hear Over Ther Scanner Harrassing Us!!!,. We`ve Been Lied To Even By The Utah State Attourney Generals Office And Told That We`re Hallucinating!!!, That This Type Of Abuse Could Never Happen, That This Is The Most Outlanddish Thing The Representative Has Ever Heard!!!, That I Have A Lot Of Excuses Why I CANT CATCH THEM!!!!!, This Is NOT MY JOB!, We Are DISABLED!!!, They Should By Law Investigate This Themselfs. What Would It Benifit Me To Make Any Of This Up?, What Would It Benifit Me To Go To All This Trouble To Try To Get This Voilation and Terroristic Act Out BEFORE THEY HACK MY MACHINE TO INTERCEPT IT???. I Can Be Called 24-7 At 801-603-3661 For Any-One That HAS ANY CLUE HOW TO STOP THIS. Please, No Wise-Guys, THIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS!.
Can`t Anyone Stop This Handfull Of Rogue Officers That Are Operating With Impunity From The Very Laws That Are Supposed To Protect Us ALL???.

920 sullivan rd. ogden, utah. 84403

Pig harrassment in the Portland Area 05.Aug.2006 11:21

Tony ttorina23@excite.com

My wife was visiting her "Mom" (I use this term very loose, as she is does NOT act like a mother) when my wife started to get round housed punched in her back and the back of her head. After I stood between them, and her brother grabbed the mother, the husband (not the father) called the police. We were leaving, I had a box of items we brought up from California in my arms when Officer Morman Redneck racist arrived. He asked what I was doing, I said leaving and explained the altercation between my wife and her Mom. She came down stairs, outside and was crying. He asked to calm down and quit being so animated. I said he should be more compassionate. He told me to "drop the attitude". I stated "what attitude, I just said she has been assaulted and is in a state of panic". He then called some PIG code into his ear and asked me to restrain my voice, I asked "are you kidding?" He then said I want you ID. I said no, I have done nothing wrong. At this point he warns me I am about to be TAIZERED and to get on the ground before "I release my big fucking K-9 German Shepard and release a world of hurt, as he bites your ass!" My wife starts balling and asking why is he doing this, she has been assaulted! I sit, then 6, YES 6 more police arrive, I am handcuffed, and put in the back of a squad car. Hello, I am sitting on the ground, calm and here we are. He states to me, as they shove me towards the car, "We do not want your California trash here, go back, Spic!!" Now, I am Italian, 100%. But I get mistaken for Puerto Rican ALOT because I have a beard and am built like a linebacker. Whatever. I am now told that "I'm in for a world of hurt, Paco!" I state I was born in Pennsylvania and have 2 degrees from Penn State, I have NEVER had an issue with the law. I am told to "Shut the fuck up before I am taken downtown for the night. I HAVE DONE NOTHING, and NOW I AM IN THE BACK OF A SQUAD CAR, HANDCUFFED!!!! I call him an inbred redneck at this point, to which he opens the door, tightens the handcuffs to where my wrists are bruised today, and I have a laceration on my back. After an hour of detainment for NOTHING, I am let go and told "This sure was a Nigger Clusterfuck, huh Spic?" Did I mention my wife of 3 years is black? Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!!! I did nothing, but make the mistake of talking to a fucking pig! I was not charged (for what?) and implore anyone with legal information to please help me out.